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DIY Dictionary

What is a DIY dictionary?

I know only too well how confusing DIY can be when you first start out. There are lots of terms and definitions littered through tutorials and web forums and it can feel a bit like you need to decipher a code before you can even start on your project. So I thought it might be helpful to pull together some handy guides detailing all the frequently used terms (& a few oddballs that might pop up too!) to help you navigate your DIY projects with ease - I suppose I ought to caveat that claim to say that reading these DIY dictionaries won't make you better at actually doing the DIY, but at least you'll know what you are trying to achieve! For actual help with the DIY you need to pop over to my DIY Tips and Tricks page and my Completed Projects where you'll get step-by-step help and support. 

The DIY Dictionaries will build up over time, so let me know if there are particular DIY related subjects that you'd like me to cover and I'l prioritise writing them. 

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