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IKEA Hacks

IKEA Hacks are a great way to create a bespoke look with your furniture and decor without the custom price tag. You'll find a lot of examples of IKEA hack projects on my blog using classic IKEA furniture like the iconic BILLY bookcase, the brilliant HAVSTA range and the bargain MOSSLANDA shelves


What is an IKEA hack?

An IKEA hack is when you customise or improve a modest, often flat-pack, piece of IKEA furniture. The process of 'hacking' IKEA furniture can be as simple as giving it a quick paint job (more on that in a minute) or involve more complicated construction to make the item look built-in and made-to-measure. 

Front final.jpg

Why are IKEA hacks so popular?

IKEA furniture used to be incredibly cost-effective and easy to get hold of, making it perfect for those with small budgets and big ideas to undertake creative glow-ups. Various global factors have caused prices to rise and the lead times and stock issues have increased, making IKEA hacks less of a no-brainer. 


Pre-loved IKEA hacks

Don't panic if IKEA is having stock issues as there is a huge secondary market for IKEA furniture and buying second-hand will actually make the project more cost-effective. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find IKEA pieces at bargain prices making the hack even better value. 

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