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12 easy DIY wall paint ideas used by an interior stylist

Updated: May 28

Steal these easy DIY wall paint ideas for your home

peeling masking tape along a painted line

If you're looking for easy DIY wall paint ideas then you're in the right place; as an interior stylist, DIY blogger, and content creator, I've become an easy painting expert! I've spent hours and hours creating striking and stylish paint effects on walls, ceilings and floors. In many cases, the DIY paint jobs were for styling shoots where I needed a certain backdrop for product images for a brand, but for all the rest, these were experimental DIYs in my own home, and I didn't hold back!

In this post, I'm going to talk you through some easy DIY wall paint ideas that you might like to try, with details of how to achieve the look and lots of top tips and tricks.

For most of the wall painting ideas, you'll only need a paintbrush and masking tape with perhaps 

1. Mountain wall mural with ombre effect

Bedroom with handpainted wall mural of an ombre mountain scheme.

I painted this DIY mountain mural during lockdown to create a space that felt like the escape that we all needed so badly. I painted the mural around the room to create a panoramic effect. I picked three designer paint shades and colour-matched them, and mixed the ombre tones by adding varying amounts of the main shades to create a gradient.

The mountain theme was the perfect design because it was easy to create without much artistic skill (phew!). I used chalk to map out the mountain layers and worked from the bottom up going from dark grey paint to pale pale pink. This technique works well in a bedroom or dining room for a calming atmosphere.

You could complete this as a feature wall using the entire wall or continue onto other walls as I did. It would be easy to create the ombre wall with more masculine colours if pink hues aren't your vibe. Murals are on trend at the moment so be sure to check out my post on bedroom wall mural ideas for more inspo. 

2. Handpainted polka dots

handpainted polka dots on wall

This paint project was such a fun one and one that I started on a whim! You can buy polka dot wallpaper, transfers or stencils, but I decided that it'd be fun to handprint them for a more bespoke and less uniform look. This is a simple wall design that adds a fun touch and would work perfectly in a kid's bedroom or nursery if you don't fancy having a polka dot bathroom as seen here. You could easily add a pop of colour by introducing different shades in the dots and spots. Experiment with the size dots that you want and think about the distance you want between them as this will change the look.  

3. Half-wall paint effect

half wall painted and panelling in living room

This is by far the simplest DIY wall paint idea and can be achieved by sectioning the wall with a dado rail or panelling or simply just marking with some masking tape. Cutting the wall in half can make a room feel larger if you have low ceilings (as we do) because your eye travels to the half way line rather than the top of the wall to notice the low ceiling.

4. Memo board with chalkboard paint

chalkboard inside door of utility cupboard

I love using chalkboard paint around the home as it's such an easy way to create a useful memo board or playboard for kids. At one time, I painted the whole side of the kitchen peninsula in chalkboard paint and we had a giant chalkboard to play on.

Currently, I have a chalkboard on the inside of a large kitchen cupboard door and it serves as a handy, out-of-sight memo board for family reminders. You can read the tutorial for how I created the laundry room in a cupboard with handy memo board here.

To create a chalkboard on the wall, just measure and mark the space on the wall and paint two coats of chalkboard paint before peeling back the tape. You can use it as a canvas for ever-changing art, notes, and creative ideas or the perfect solution for a home office or kid's room.

5. Colour drenching

Olive green colour drenched living room.
Image credit: Lime Lace

I love colour drenching a space and was happy when it took off as an interior design trend. Colour drenching involves using a single colour throughout a space, covering a wide range of surfaces and elements such as walls, ceilings, furniture, and even decor items. The idea is to create a cohesive and immersive environment where the chosen colour envelops the room, creating a dramatic and unified look. This painting technique adds a sophisticated look to interior walls and is a great idea for adding depth without overwhelming the space.

6. Dark chocolate walls with panelling

chocolate brown wall

I've always wanted dark walls but was too scared to go for it until last year. I found this opulent and cocooning shade from Little Greene called Chocolate Colour, which was (unsurprisingly) a dark chocolate brown. It was everything I'd hoped it would be, as it made the space feel snug and welcoming. I'd added wall panelling to the space before I painted, and after a few months, I decided to add a beautiful pink patterned wallpaper to the panels to give the area a new look (below). 

brown wall with wallpaper in panels

7. Limewash paint for depth and texture

Limewashed walls with flower cloud

I love limewash paint and wrote a whole post about my experience of using the expensive designer stuff which you can read here. Limewash is ideal for adding a subtle yet interesting look to any room. The great thing about limewash is it actually improves the air quality and is a sustainable and eco-friendly option. There are so many shades available so you can find one to suit your interiors and it's such a calm and stylish way of adding visual interest to a space without it feeling overwhelming. 

8. Colour blocking paint effects

easy DIY wall paint ideas

The picture above shows where I added a simple diagonal colour block effect to a wall and door. Colour blocking is a design technique that involves combining bold or contrasting colours in solid blocks or sections within a space. This method creates striking visual effects by juxtaposing colours that stand out against each other, adding a dynamic and vibrant feel to the design.

9. Paint shelves or built-in bookcases with contrasting colours

IKEA billy hack with painted shelves

This is an easy project to complete but makes a big impact. Sometimes, built-in shelves can look a bit flat, but by painting the inside of the shelves you can make them really stand out. Use contrasting colours for a bold and dynamic design, I opted for pastels for a softer look.

10. Zone a space with paint

easy DIY wall paint idea

This easy DIY wall paint idea came about because I wanted to make more of a feature of the IKEA hack wall of built-in shelves I'd created. They took up the whole end wall of the room and I'd already given them a pastel-hued paint job so decided to continue the theme by also painting the end of the room including the ceiling and sections of the walls. This paint effect made the room feel taller (unexpectedly) as your eye travelled to the very corners and top of the room. 

11. Paint original artwork onto the wall and frame with moulding

Easy DIY wall paint ideas

This was one of the more wacky ideas and probably isn't for everyone, but it was fun to create a piece of art on the wall and easy to take down when it was time. I created a framed panel on the wall to paint the work of art within and used tester pots of paint that I had left over to save money. I added texture with my favourite best filler but this does make the clean up operation slightly more involved if and when you decided to remove it. I also added gold leaf as a decorative touch which was the perfect way to catch the light and add a luxurious touch. 

12. Handpainted waves on kid's bedroom wall

Handpainted turquoise walls in kid's bedroom

This recent bedroom makeover was so much fun. I planned to use some muted and neutral beige tones but the client (my 6 year old) was having none of it and decided that pale blue and turquoise was the only way to approach a bedroom glow-up. 

As you can see, these easy DIY wall paint ideas can refresh your home with creativity and colour, transforming any room with just a can of paint and a little patience.

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