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The best pink tiles you'll want to decorate with immediately

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

All about aesthetics...

Decorative tiles have been around for thousands of years and are still a popular choice because they are hardwearing, practical and easy to clean and that's all great of course... but for this post (& most of the time, if I'm really honest) I'm waaaay more interested in aesthetics and where they've come from.

The best pink tiles for your home renovation projects

Tiles can really bring the action when it comes to shape, colour, and pattern, but the huge selection can also be quite overwhelming, especially with the whole internet at your disposal. I was recently sourcing the best pink tiles I could find for a bathroom DIY project and during my research, I came across the following stunners which I thought you might like to see. None of these are ads or affiliate links, just a bevvy of beautiful tiles that I've spotted and added to my 'saved' folder. Enjoy!

Bert & May
Pink Alalpardo Porcelain Tiles 20cmx20cmx0.8cm

I've got a bit of a soft spot for geometric tiles and love a triangle design like these as they offer so many layout variations. This pink and white combo provides a softer take on the geometric vibe and is perfect paired with gold or brass fittings. It's not hard to see how these ended up on the list of best pink tiles.

These perfect Pink Alalpardo Porcelain tiles popped up in an internet search and led me to the Bert & May website which is not only packed full of gorgeous handmade tiles but also bursting with inspiration, case studies and collaborations. This 'specialist supplier of handmade artisan tiles' has a captivating back story filled with passion and travel, centred around a small family business and their factory.

Mandarin Stone

Iggy Pink Porcelain Mosaics 296x284x8mm

I'd seen a few Mandarin Stone products pop up in my Instagram feed before, most notably the gorgeous Rosalina honed marble tiles in Bianca Hall (@Frenchforpineapple)'s dreamy new shower, so I recognised the brand’s name when these Iggy Pink Porcelain Mosaics appeared in my search.

I clicked through to their website and loved reading the inspiring story behind this successful family-run business with a 30-year history that despite having thirteen UK-wide showrooms keeps its HQ based in the rolling hills of Monmouthshire, Wales.

These mesh-backed mosaic sheets of pink tiles spoke to me in the bathroom image above. The combination of the 'Kit Kat' style finger tiles with the retro pink sink and the stylish green mirror is pure joy.

Porcelain Superstore
Ella Pink 10.8 x 12.4 cm

These dusky pink hexagonal tiles appealed because of their softness due to the colour variations. The styled photo below has a romantic and restful vibe and who wouldn't want that in their home?!

As an aside, I was interested to read that this is another UK based, family run business. Their website has lots of helpful 'how to' articles to help you with your DIY and a brilliant blog packed with inspirational projects. Whilst having a good browse, I noticed that there are lots of really competitively priced products for those who don't have the budget for artisanal, handmade tiles but also don't want to compromise on style on their search for the best pink tiles.

Otto Tiles

Dirty Pink Stripes 20cm x 20cm x 1.7cm

Who doesn't love a stripe? Well, I'm certain that even those people would find these dirty pink striped tiles hard to resist!

Otto Tiles was another website that I popped onto looking for something specific and consequently found myself longing for about 500 different handcrafted artisanal tiles, all thoughtfully produced according to traditional Turkish methods. I was inspired by the female founder, who has built this successful company after identifying a gap in the market.

Maitland & Poate

Sol Rosa Tile 20cm x 20cm x 1.9 or 1.4cm

I'm going to cut to the chase, this tile is everything. (I should so be on commission!) Joking aside, I was browsing through the Maitland & Poate website and it leapt out at me. The design is a remake of a reclaimed tile from the Southwest of Cadiz with a colour update to this gorgeous pink and it is handmade by artisans in Andalusia. Love, love, love!

Maitland & Poate was a new find for me, and I loved reading their inspiring story of how the family-run London based business actually started after their passion for tiles led them to source reclaimed tiles for their own home and grew to the current, huge selection of reclaimed and handmade encaustic cement tiles.

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