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The 5 best kitchen tile stickers to transform your kitchen

Updated: Mar 7

How to transform your kitchen with tile stickers aka stick-on tiles

kitchen tile stickers
Image credit: DCO

I wanted to write a blog post about kitchen tile stickers aka stick-on tiles for kitchens, because they are such a handy tool for those looking to complete a kitchen makeover on a budget, and yet they are not well known.

What are tile stickers?

Vinyl tile stickers are sticky-backed decals designed for applying over tiles. They are also known as wall tile decals covers, wall stickers or even removable vinyl tile stickers. They are popular because they are an easy and cost-effective way to update the appearance of tiles in your kitchen or bathroom and elevate your home decor. Vinyl tiles are great for revamping or overhauling a room and giving it a modern look but don’t have the budget for a total renovation.

Why are tile stickers good?

If you have existing tiles that are a bit dated or not to your taste, then tile stickers can be the perfect solution for a freshen-up. Tile stickers come in various sizes, or you can request a custom size from some retailers. They are a great item for interior walls or as they can add a splash of colour to your kitchen in either a gloss or matte finish and are easy to clean as they are waterproof decals. You don't need any special skills to fit these decal tiles because unlike ceramic tile or porcelain, these self-adhesive wall tile stickers can be cut with a pair of scissors or utility knife rather than require a tile cutter and other tools. 

Where can I buy tile stickers?

Decorating Centre Online These are my top tile sticker picks from my faves at DCO.

shell kitchen stick on tiles
Image credit: DCO

1. Wall tile stickers

stick on floor tiles
Image credit: DCO

2. Floor tile stickers (wood)

kitchen tile stickers
Image credit: DCO

3. Backsplash tile stickers

4. Floor tile stickers (black and white)

black and white stick on floor tiles

5. Marble Tile stickers

marble effect stick on floor tiles
Image credit: Decorating Centre Online

How do you apply tile stickers aka stick-on tiles?

Applying stick on floor tiles

Here are my top tips for applying kitchen tile stickers...

  • Plan the layout. Before applying, take some time to play around with the tiles without removing the backing.

  • Once you've finalized the layout, double-check that the tiles are thoroughly clean and dry. 

  • Peel off the backing and place the tiles in position. Apply firm pressure from one edge to the opposite side, ensuring a secure bond. 

  • You'll need to trim areas where whole tiles won't fit. 

  • Cutting around fixtures, especially curves, can be tricky. Create a template with cardboard or paper, place it on the vinyl tile, mark the cut line, and then cut.

  • Remember not to remove the backing until after the cut.

  • Use heavy-duty DIY scissors, a Stanley knife, or a metal ruler for cutting.

Preparation tips:

  • As we found with stick-on floor tiles, preparation is key…

  • Always check the packaging to ensure you are using boxes with the same lot numbers (like you would for wallpaper) as otherwise the patterns might not quite match up.

  • Make sure the surface you are sticking them to is clean, dry and free from residue of any kind.

  • I used an Eco-friendly heavy-duty degreaser from Delphis, which is really effective.

  • Make sure the surface isn't uneven or loose.

  • If you are covering a tiled floor with deep grout lines, then you should fill the gaps. Use a filling and a skimming spreader tool if your stick-on tiles are thin enough to show through. 

  • Stack the tiles in the room for 24 hours before you plan to start, to ensure they acclimatise. (the same as you would with panelling before you start a panelling project). 

What designs should I look out for with tile stickers? 

The following kitchen tile sticker designs are popular for budget kitchen transformations.

Subway kitchen tile stickers

Subway tile stickers are a classic design and the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash behind a worktop or kitchen sink. Choose subway tile stickers in traditional white or experiment with bold colors for a modern twist.

Hexagonal kitchen tile stickers

Hexagonal tiles are trendy and can add a contemporary and geometric element to your kitchen. These are a stylish addition and also look great in a bathroom or laundry room. 

Geometric patterned kitchen tile stickers

Experiment with geometric shapes and patterns for a modern and eye-catching kitchen backsplash.

Marble-effect kitchen tile stickers

Achieve a luxurious look with marble-effect tile stickers. They can add sophistication and elegance to your kitchen.

Black and white checkerboard

Create a classic and timeless look with black and white checkerboard tile stickers. This pattern works well in both modern and retro kitchens.

Why use kitchen tile stickers?

Elevating your kitchen's aesthetic has never been easier with versatile stick-on tiles. Whether you're looking to revamp your floor, enhance your backsplash, or add a touch of creativity to your existing tiles, vinyl tile stickers are a game-changer in home decor.

Self-adhesive tiles are available in many designs, from classic subway tiles to contemporary geometric patterns. Vinyl tile stickers not only breathe new life into your space but also provide a hassle-free alternative to conventional tiles, perfect for transforming kitchens.

Kitchen wall tile stickers and backsplash tiles offer lots of design possibilities. Removable vinyl tile stickers are low commitment and great for experimenting.

I hope this was helpful.

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