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These are the Best Neutral Cabinet Paint Colours & why you need them!

Choosing the Best Neutral Cabinet Paint Colors for a Timeless Look

When it comes to updating your kitchen cabinetry, choosing the right colour is crucial for achieving a timeless and classic look. Neutral cabinet colours have proven to be a great choice for interior designers and homeowners alike, standing the test of time and adapting to various design styles. Here, we explore some of the best neutral cabinet paint colours that can breathe new life into your home.

What are the best neutral cabinet paint colours?

Here's a selection of the best, looking at paint brands from both sides of the pond.

Classic Whites and Off-Whites

paint chip of farrow and ball's wimborne white
Credit: Farrow & Ball

White kitchen cabinets have long been a popular choice, and for good reason. They offer a timeless appeal and can make smaller rooms feel more spacious. Colours like Sherwin Williams' "Pure White" or Benjamin Moore's "Chantilly Lace" are classic shades that pair beautifully with natural materials such as white oak and lighter countertops. For a UK-based option, consider "Wimborne White" by Farrow & Ball, which provides a soft and inviting look. Off-white cabinets, like those painted in Benjamin Moore's "Edgecomb Gray" or Farrow & Ball's "Skimming Stone," provide a touch of warmth and can create a perfect balance in a classic white kitchen.

Warm Neutrals and Greys

Paint chip of farrow and balls elephant's breath
Credit: Farrow and Ball

Warm undertones in neutral shades can add a cozy feel to your kitchen. Sherwin Williams' "Agreeable Gray" and "Revere Pewter" by Benjamin Moore are great options that blend warm and gray tones. For a UK alternative, Farrow & Ball's "Elephant's Breath" offers a sophisticated warm gray that works well with brass hardware and can provide a beautiful contrast against white walls or white subway tile. Little Greene's "French Grey" is another excellent choice, complementing natural light and making your kitchen feel welcoming and bright.

Taupes and Soft Greys

Paint chip of farrow and balls Ammonite
Credit: Farrow and Ball

Taupe colours and soft greys are ideal choices for those seeking a neutral palette that isn’t stark white. These shades, such as Sherwin Williams' "Classic Taupe," add a touch of sophistication and work well with various pops of colour throughout the rest of the room. Farrow & Ball's "Ammonite" is a versatile soft grey that can be particularly effective for upper cabinets, where a lighter shade can help open up the space. Little Greene's "Slaked Lime" offers a soft, warm taupe that adds subtle elegance to your kitchen cabinetry.

Darker Neutrals for Depth and Contrast

Paint chip of farrow and balls Railings
Credit: Farrow and Ball

While lighter neutrals are often preferred for their versatility, darker shades like deep blue or dark grey kitchen cabinets can create a modern look and add depth to your kitchen design. These colours are a great way to make a statement with your lower cabinets or kitchen island, especially when paired with lighter countertops and white cabinetry on the upper cabinets. Farrow & Ball's "Railings" is a deep, moody blue that adds dramatic flair, while Little Greene's "Grey Teal" provides a sophisticated, darker neutral.

How to choose the perfect shade for your best neutral cabinet paint

best neutral kitchen cabinets

Finding the perfect shade of neutral paint colours for your kitchen cabinets depends on your overall kitchen design and the natural light available in your own home. Testing samples in your kitchen at different times of day can help ensure you achieve the best results. Additionally, incorporating warm tones through elements like brass hardware or warm wood accents can enhance the cosy and inviting feel of your kitchen.

A Timeless and Versatile Choice

Neutral cabinet paint colours are a timeless choice that can adapt to changing trends and personal tastes. Whether you opt for a classic white kitchen, creamy whites, or warm neutrals, these colours provide a versatile backdrop for various design styles and pops of colour. For those ready to give their kitchen cabinetry a fresh coat of paint, considering these neutral shades will set you on the right path towards a timeless and beautiful kitchen.

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