Budget bedroom make-over to beat the lockdown blues...

Up your DIY home decor game with a bargain tester pot wall mural that only costs £24.

Why I gave my bedroom a money saving makeover...

Like many, I’ve suffered from cabin fever over the last year. Staring at the same walls all day everyday has been challenging and this was exacerbated by the fact that our bedroom, which doubles up as a home office some days, was very dull and uninspiring.

I decided to completely revamp the room and after creating some mood boards, designed a calm, relaxing and romantic sanctuary with mountain view, wall murals to capture the imagination and unusual furniture to create the feeling of being on an exciting holiday in a far flung destination... lockdown escapism at its finest (especially considering that our usual family holiday is a week in Centre Parcs!)

How to paint an ombre mountain wall mural.

After researching wall murals I plumped for mountains in a colour gradient. This was largely because I wanted to make sure that I stayed within my limited artistic abilities! I had decided on the colours beforehand and knew I wanted to start with the dark lead grey with blue undertones (DCO26), through muted dusky pink (DCO295) ending in palest grey pink (DCO286) so I chose those three shades from The Decorating Centre Online and then blended the gradient shades myself.

I plotted out the layers of mountains by hand marking the walls with chalk and then set about painting the first, darkest layer using a small paint brush. Then I added some of the dusky pink to the dark grey paint and hand painted some mountains in that hue, before adding more of the dusky pink mixed with a little of the pale grey pink and so on until I reached the top half of the wall where I predominantly used the pale grey pink to create the ombre effect.

I painted the wall panelling on two of the walls with the soft dusky pink but I knew I didn’t want the whole room in this shade and in order to contrast with the black frame of the bed I painted the panelling on the main wall in a pale grey (DCO241).

I added some detail to the mountains to create depth and finally painted the door and architrave in the pale grey pink to continue the soft relaxing feel. I bought some cheap wooden pegs from e-bay and added them to the panelling at the foot of the bed to add a bit of interest, (how very Insta of me but who doesn’t love a hanging peg or two for styling all those ‘essential’ items which must be hung around the house?!)

The bed was a real bargain which I found after much searching on the internet and was vital to create that indulgent feeling of escapism and I really wanted to bold black frame to contrast with the soft romantic pinks and greys.

This little make-over was cost effective and easy to do and I’m pleased with the results. See below for some ‘after’ pics and a ‘before’ from when we bought the house a few years ago (for dramatic effect!).

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