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How to make Christmas decorations (on a budget)

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

How to make Christmas decorations with all the festive feels without flashing the cash

It's always handy knowing how to make Christmas decorations on a budget but it's especially useful for festive styling in a cost-of-living crisis. There's no denying that for many families in the UK, money has been tighter than usual over the past couple of years but this doesn't mean that Christmas decorations are off the agenda as there are lots of ways to DIY stylish Christmas decorations on a budget. Last year, I shared ideas on my Instagram in a mini-series so I thought a round-up with them all in one place would be a good idea. You can also find a recent tutorial about how to create DIY marbled baubles with old nail polish and one about twig Christmas trees.

If you don't have the time or inclination to make decorations for your home this Christmas than be sure to check out my shopping guide for the best baubles of 2023.

Painted pine cone Christmas decorations

A selection of pine cones in a square wooden tray

Pine cones are perfect for making Christmas decorations on a budget as they come in different shapes and sizes and can provide texture and rustic charm whilst saving you a packet if you forage them. If you're unsure about foraging for flowers or foliage or, indeed pine cones, then pop over to my Foraging page here for all my tips on what (& what not) to do.

Here I show you three ways to style your fabulously festive, foraged and possibly painted pine cones...

🌲loose in a wooden box (or tray) on a coffee table

🌲stacked up in a glass cloche (if you have one)or any glass jar will do - you could layer the colours if you have painted them.

2. Rustic Christmas Fairy Light Garland

🌲Dry a selection of fruit and painted pine cones for festive styling. Orange and apple slices work really well.

🌲Source a fairy light garland

🌲Thread the dried fruit and pine cones onto a piece of rustic string or thread

DIY rustic fairy lit garland with dried orange slices and pine cones by Claire Douglas

Toilet roll & string napkin rings

natural linen napkins with rustic string napkin rings DIY decorations made by Claire Douglas

This little upcycling hack is so easy to do and as every house has empty toilet rolls the only thing you need to get your hands on to make these stylish napkin rings is a ball of string. You could style with blue napkins if you are embracing the blue Christmas trend. use a glue gun to attach the string to the toilet roll as its quick and easy ( & I bought a super bargain glue gun from Amazon a couple of years ago that I'm always looking for an opportunity to dust off!) but you could use any kind of glue

String wrapping around an empty toilet roll to make a rustic napkin ring

  • Cut the toilet roll tubes to the desired width.

  • Take a long piece of string and glue the end of it to the inside of the toilet roll so it can't be seen

  • Wrap the string around the toilet roll methodically, working your way around the tube until you have covered the whole thing in string.

  • You can use multiple pieces of string if necessary, glue the end of one piece down (on the inside of the roll) and then glue the start of the next piece in the same way.

  • Once the whole roll is covered in string, glue the end of the final piece to the inside of the toilet roll to hide it.

There you have it, super simple and stylish rustic napkin rings using the most basic of materials.

Let me know if you try any of these, I'd love to see.

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