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16 best DIY driveway edging ideas to inspire

Updated: Mar 7

If Pinterest statistics are to be believed, many people are currently searching for DIY driveway edging ideas. Whether you have a long driveway or a compact one, creating a defined edge can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, but let's face it...driveways can be expensive, so DIY options are always a win. 

As we will see in a minute, there are lots of materials and techniques to consider when edging your driveway, including brick, stone pavers, concrete curbs, metal, wood, and more, but it can be hard to picture what they'll look like and whether they'll suit your home, so this guide is here to help. 

DIY driveway edging ideas

In this blog post, we'll explore the best ways to edge different types of driveways, from asphalt to gravel to concrete, and creative DIY driveway edging ideas for those who love a hands-on approach. Whether you're looking to create flower beds along the edge of your driveway or simply want a flat edging to delineate the space, jump onboard for a whistlestop tour of DIY driveway edging. 

brick edging driveway
Image: Unsplash

1. Brick or Paver Edging

Arrange bricks or pavers along the edges of the driveway to create a neat and durable border. You can choose contrasting colours for a decorative touch.

2. Cobblestone Edging:

Use cobblestones to give your driveway a rustic and timeless look. Lay them in a row along the edges for a charming border.

3. Concrete Curbing:

Pour concrete to create a custom curbing design along the driveway. You can shape it into curves or straight lines or simply use concrete blocks for simplicity. It is not the most attractive option, but it is cost-effective and could be complemented with planting. 

wooden sleepers edging a driveway
Image: Terra Firma Landscapes London

4. Wooden Sleepers:

It's always a good idea to install wooden sleepers or railroad ties along the edges of the driveway as they are low maintenance and beautiful to look at. This is a sturdy and natural-looking option that works well in various settings.

gravel edged driveway
Image: TerraFirma Landscapes London

5. Gravel or Stone Border

Place small stones or gravel along the edges to define the driveway. Loose stones are a simple and cost-effective solution that adds texture and colour. Some ongoing maintenance required unless you set the loose gravel into resin. 

6. Metal Landscape Edging:

Use metal landscape edging for a modern and sleek look. It comes in various styles and can be easily installed by anchoring it into the ground. Steel driveway edging has a sleek modern look. 

Image: Wix

7. A rockery

Combining plants and rocks gives a natural and unique look that is easy to maintain.

8. Recycled Glass Mulch:

Create an eco-friendly border by using recycled glass mulch. It adds color and sparkle while being a sustainable option.

9. Plastic Edging:

Flexible plastic edging is easy to install and can be moulded to follow the curves of your driveway. It's a budget-friendly choice and is available in various colours.

10. Mosaic Tiles:

One of the more creative driveway border ideas, use broken tiles or mosaic pieces to form an artistic border. This DIY option allows you to personalize your driveway edging with unique designs.

11. Plants and Greenery:

Create a natural border by planting low-maintenance plants or ground cover along the edges of your driveway. This softens the look and adds a touch of greenery.

12. Hedging

Box or conifer low hedging can add a neat and structured look with natural green and texture. Improve your home's curb appeal in a beautiful way with a low hedge. Looks great with gravel or landscaping stone. 

13. Seashell 

If you're near the coast, consider using seashells or shell mulch to create a unique look and beach-inspired border for your driveway. This option adds different shapes and textures with a coastal vibe.

14. Boulder

Arrange large boulders along the sides of your driveway for a natural and substantial border. This works especially well in rural or rustic settings, providing a sense of permanence.

15. Rubber 

Use recycled rubber edging to create a flexible and durable border for your driveway's edging. This option is often made from recycled tires and is resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations.

16. Bark or wood chip

Wood chips aka bark chips provide a natural and rustic look while adding a definite edge to the driveway. They do require some ongoing maintenance eg sweeping, but are extremely cost effective and easy to install. 

So, as you can see, there are different ways to create a seamless transition between driveway and garden using brick pavers, stone edging, metal edging, pea gravel, concrete edging and botanicals, to name a few.

When it comes to DIY driveway edging, raised edging offers a perfect idea for creating a clean edge that withstands extreme weather conditions and keeps things neat and organised. Paired with solar lights, raised edging not only provides a clean and defined boundary but also enhances safety and aesthetics, really coming into its own at night.

Additionally, incorporating old railroad sleepers or landscaping stones as raised edging materials can offer a rustic charm that complements the lush greenery surrounding your driveway. With a wide range of options available, including different gravel colours and square-foot dimensions, raised edging remains a popular choice among homeowners looking for simple ways to elevate their driveway's appearance and longevity.

Whether you're aiming for a contemporary look or a more traditional feel, raised edging is a timeless solution that will last you a long time while enhancing the overall appeal of your driveway. The best choice will depend on your driveway type, budget and DIY ability, but this has hopefully helped get you inspired.

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