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10 creative & easy DIY hanging curtains without rods

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

diy hanging curtains without rods
Image credit: Tori Murphy

As a DIY blogger and interior stylist, I understand the importance of injecting creativity into home decor on a budget and I love coming up with money-saving and imaginative ways to solve common problems and challenges around the home. In this post, I'm excited to share 10 creative ways to hang curtains without the need for traditional rods as I know not everyone is able (or willing) to drill holes and fit the 'normal' curtain poles.

Ideas for DIY hanging curtains without rods

From tension rods to magnetic curtain rods, these imaginative and resourceful solutions cater to various preferences, offering a mix of functionality and style for any living space. I've tried to include options requiring minimal tools for those who prefer to stick to a tape measure when tackling a DIY project. There are also some more involved projects where you'll need to be about to drill pilot holes and insert drywall anchors. 

Let's get started and find you the perfect option for DIY hanging curtains without rods...

1. Tension Rods: 

tension rod for diy hanging curtains without rods

Recently, you might have seen tension rods all over social media, but rather than for DIY hanging curtains without rods, they've been using them for a viral Christmas decoration hack! Tension rods are versatile and easy to install, fitting neatly inside window frames or between walls. Ideal for lightweight curtains, they provide a seamless and modern look, making them a perfect addition to your window treatments. You can pick up tension rods for DIY hanging curtains without rods at the hardware store and they are a great way to hang sheer curtains rather than heavier fabric. 

2. Command Hooks: 

command hooks for diy hanging curtains without rods

When it comes to a DIY hanging curtains without rods for a rental home, Command hooks are a great option and hassle-free alternative to a real curtain rod. Command hooks offer a customizable and damage-free way to hang your curtains, perfect for rental homes where drilling isn't an option and are readily available on Amazon or from the DIY or hardware store.

See below for instructions for this handy DIY hack

Measure and Plan:

  • Measure the width of your window and decide on the desired length for your curtains. Take note of the height at which you want to hang them.

Select Command Hooks:

  • Choose Command hooks with a weight capacity suitable for your curtains. Ensure they can support the curtain's weight and any additional hardware like tiebacks.

Clean the Surface:

  • Wipe the wall surface with a damp cloth to ensure it is clean and free of dust or grease. If it is greasy, use a diluted baking soda solution. This step is crucial for the Command hooks' proper adhesion.

Attach Command Hooks:

  • Remove the backing from the adhesive side of the Command hooks.

  • Press the hooks firmly against the wall at the desired height, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Hold each hook for about 30 seconds to allow for proper adhesion.

Prepare the Curtains:

  • If your curtains don't have curtain clips or rings, attach them to the top of the curtain panels. If they do, ensure they are evenly distributed along the top edge.

Install the Curtain Panels:

  • Insert the curtain clips or rings onto the Command hooks. Space them evenly and style. 

3. Magnetic Curtain Rods:

For a contemporary twist on traditional window coverings, consider magnetic curtain rods. Their seamless removal and repositioning make them a convenient choice, allowing you to experiment with different styles effortlessly. I was so impressed when I first saw this idea as it's pretty genius. The curtain rod brackets are magnetic so they stick straight onto any metal surface (like metal doors) providing the easiest way ever to install a lightweight curtain over the window space in your metal door or to fit a curtain to go over a washing machine (like when I made a skirtain to cover kitchen appliances). 

4. Curtain Rings with Clips:

DIY hanging curtains without rods

Repurpose curtain rings with clips in a creative way by attaching them to hooks or wires. This unconventional method adds charm and a decorative touch to your window treatments, offering versatility in styles and sizes. If you have heavier curtains you will need a lot of clips and hooks and this idea only really works for net curtains or cafe curtains that you don't need to pull open or close, but it's one of those creative ideas that could save you money. 

5. uPVC or plastic pipes:

diy hanging curtains without rods using whit plastic pipe

Looking for an economical yet customizable DIY curtain rod? PVC pipes are the answer. Cut them to the length of your window and mount them using self-adhesive hooks or brackets, giving you the freedom to experiment with unique designs. So this idea is actually the method I'm using to hang my cafe curtains because I have a uPVC frame which I really didn't want to drill into I bought some plastic pipe from the DIY store and it's going to work particularly well for me because our window is a bay window so the pipe can curve round meaning I don;t have to make multiple curtain panels which is good news. I'm going to use grab adhesive to attach the end brackets to the side of the window frame and then I'll glue the center bracket and perhaps two others onto the window frame as well. I'm hoping this will turn out to be an inexpensive way to elevate our living room window with cafe curtains. 

6. Decorative hooks:

Elevate your curtain display with decorative hooks, adding a touch of sophistication to your window treatments. Whether vintage-inspired or modern, these hooks contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space and work in conjunction with curtain rings with clips that hold the curtain fabric. This is idea is one of those creative DIY ways that would work well for those who like a more eclectic interior style as it could be another opportunity to add some personality and uniqueness to your space. If you don't have hooks, use screws or nails for the curtain rings to hook onto instead.  

7. Wire or Cable System:

DIY hanging curtains without rods
Image credit: IKEA

Install a wire or cable system to create an elegant, versatile curtain-hanging solution. Slide curtain rings with clips onto the wire, providing a stylish and adjustable display or put the wire through the top of the curtain and attach the ends to hooks as I did with my DIY skirtain in the first kitchen makeover.  

8. Command Strips and Clips:

Command strips for DIY hanging curtains without rods

We've already looked at Command hooks, but you could use command strips to stick your chosen bracket or hooks to the wall. Command strips are an easy and damage-free curtain-hanging method. This approach is particularly useful in rental homes where drilling isn't feasible, offering a stylish window treatment without permanent fixtures.

9. Velcro picture hanging strips:

When it comes to DIY hanging curtains without rods the truth is you need to think outside of the box a bit! Why not use velcro picture hanging strips as a way to attach some end brackets (like the ones I used for my DIY brass utensil rail in the second kitchen makeover) and then feed a uPVC pipe or similar through the top of your curtain to hold the curtain up as it sits in the brackets. 

10. Wooden dowels: 

You might find that the best way for DIY hanging curtains without rods is the same as for the kitchen utensil rail I DIYed for the kitchen and that a wooden dowel is your friend. Wooden dowels are affordable and easy to get hold of and as long as your mounting hardware is strong the dowel will be able to support your curtains easily. For this solution, you can use a stud finder to locate the best and safest place in the wall to drill holes for your wall fixings and then attach your brackets. If you are drilling, make sure you take accurate measurements before you drill brackets, as you don't want to repair large holes in plaster walls or wall damage at the top or side of your window! I have a post about how to repair holes in plasterboard if helpful. 

Feeling inspired?

Embrace these 10 DIY curtain-hanging ideas to transform the window look in your living space . Whether you're dealing with lightweight or heavy curtains, living in your own home or a rental, there's a perfect solution for everyone. Bid farewell to traditional curtain rods and explore these informative and budget-friendly alternatives to elevate your window treatments and make a personalized statement in your home. Enjoy the journey of crafting a space that reflects your unique style while maximizing natural light and functionality.

Let me know in the comments if you have a go at any of these projects or have some creative ideas of your own.

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