DIY Home Decor - 4 Creative ways to reuse, rotate and revamp

Tempted by the gorgeous homeware and accessories adorning the shelves of your favourite retailers, but don't want to give them ALL your money? Then this is a post for you.

It's fair to say that I have a few (hundreds of) home accessories and that I'm quite fond of (obsessed about) styling shelves. I have cupboards full of vases, bowls, candle-holders and ornaments that I have accumulated over the years and to save money I cycle them from room to room and then back to a cupboard for a while (when I inevitably get bored of looking at them), this whole process can be completed in a matter of days sometimes! I also love a bargain, so a large chunk of my collection are pre-loved, charity shop or Facebook Marketplace finds or Homesense bargains (the ones with the red stickers that are either damaged or just plain ugly!) that cost next to nothing. I usually share the details of my upcycles and restyles on my Instagram and Tiktok if you're interested.

To cycle the same ornaments round and round I often customise and revamp them. Sometimes, this glow-up is as simple as changing the candle in a candle-holder or swapping the dried or faux foliage in a vase, but other times I feel inspired to give the item a complete makeover. This approach works well because it stops me from buying new things (this makes Mr D happy!) and means I can regularly update and restyle my home (essential when you get bored VERY quickly like I do!).

If you fancy giving this a go, here are some ideas to get you started. Let me know if you try any of them.

Paint to match your new colour palette

If you change the colour palette for your room, it doesn't have to mean ditching your old decor. Most decorative items can be painted (really!) after a good clean and maybe a coat of primer, depending on what they are made of.

Below, you can see where I was trialling a minimalist and monochromatic vibe on my built-ins. This look was really easy to achieve by painting all the accessories in a single colour (a colour match for 'Bancha' by Farrow and Ball, mixed by Decorating Centre Online).

The beauty of a quick paint job is that it can be done time and time again in different colours and styles and even incorporate different painting techniques. Below, you can see how the same shelves had a revamp recently, taking on a softer, pastel based palette.

Top Tip: Use black as an accent colour. Painting some accent pieces black can create a really striking look as long as your room palette allows.

Create a cordless lamp

Another fun DIY home decor project is to upcycle a vase or jug into a cordless lamp. I did this recently (pictures below) using a ribbed vase from Dunelm, painted in Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball and added a cool white ceramic shade that I picked up at a charity shop for £3.00. I added a remote-controlled, battery-operated, puck light under the shade and Bob's your Uncle a beautiful, bespoke lamp was born for under a tenner.

Go big on texture

There are lots of ways you can add an interesting surface texture, here are a few of my go-tos;

- Use a stone effect spray can. Rustoleum have a brilliant range.

- Add baking soda to paint and apply to the item.

- Apply Polyfiller or similar directly onto the item and create the texture of your choice. Top tip: Use an old fork to create a ridged texture.

Create a bobble effect with modelling clay

This was a super quick and easy revamp I did recently, see pics below for the outcome.

DIY bobble vase before and after

Repair a broken vase

The below vase was sent through the post and arrived in pieces. To save it from the bin, I glued the pieces back together and then covered the whole vase in layers of smoothing filler (the type you use for repairing cracks in a wall). Once dried, I was able to paint the now textured and interesting vase and no-one would know it narrowly avoided being thrown away.

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