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 ...and thanks for stopping by. I'm Claire Douglas,  DIY and home interiors writer specialising in money-saving and creative home interior projects. I've spent years developing my 'bespoke on a budget' approach to DIY and home interiors and I love sharing all my tips and tricks in tutorials and posts here on my blog, in articles I write for some of the leading titles, in the press, on Instagram, Tiktok and my online course

Home styling tips for all the festive feels

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Regardless of whether you immediately dust off your Christmas decs as the last firework fizzles out on Bonfire Night, or you find thinking about Christmas a bit overwhelming until mid-December, I have some top tips for styling your home over the festive period.

Trends... but on your terms Trends are great for a bit of inspiration but don’t feel under pressure to change your style or themes to keep up with them. Creating the perfect festive space in your home is such a personal thing and should be steered by your family’s taste and traditions. If you are looking for inspiration, blues, pastels and rustic are all trends which will feature for Christmas 2021, with sustainability being a priority for many too.

Get crafty Making your own decorations is a great way of personalising your Christmas decor and can be a fun filled activity to entertain the whole family. Pinterest is full of Christmas crafting ideas to suit every style, from paper chains to pompoms, glue guns at the ready! Pompoms were actually a trend from Christmas 2020 which has resurfaced this year, great news if you have a collection to re-use, but fear not if you don't as I'll be sharing some ideas here soon.

Photo by Helena Hertz on Unsplash

Cosy Layering Soft, snuggly throws and fluffy cushions can help to create that cosy vibe, especially when paired with the flickering flame of a festive scented candle or two. If naked flames are a no no, there are lots of LED candles and tea lights on the market now which provide all of the comfort without the risk and room sprays, electric oil burners or diffusers with festive fragrances to set the mood. M&S do a brilliant light up ceramic oil diffuser (linked below).

Photo credit: M&S.

Creative Wreaths I’m a huge fan of the iconic Christmas wreath which come in styles to suit all tastes and budgets. You can make your own after a bit of festive foraging (check local restrictions) simply attach to a wreath base (available at craft shops). Eucalyptus, holly, pine, spruce, rosemary & ivy are all ideal foliage to use for traditional wreaths and dried ferns or pampas are great for an alternative look. If DIY floristry isnt for you, there are fabulous local businesses who supply beautiful wreaths to adorn your door, as well as running wreath making workshops which can’t fail to get you in the festive mood. Sylvestrium Floral Design Studio and Colonnade Florist are a couple of my favourites.

Top tip: Dried orange slices are cheap and easy to make for your DIY wreath or all round the house in fact. Thread a piece of twine through multiple slices to create a garland, or individual pieces can be hung on the Christmas tree or incorporated into your gift wrapping to create a beautiful, natural aesthetic. Adding cinnamon while they are drying in the oven creates an extra special, festive fragrance.

Photo credit: Claire Douglas

Oh Christmas Tree! This wouldn’t be an article about Christmas decor without mentioning the classic Christmas tree. Artificial trees have come a long way in recent years with many realistic looking options in varying heights available. Faux trees have the added bonus of being pre-lit in many cases and no needle drop although some would argue that there’s no replacement for that ‘real tree smell’.

Photo Credit: Claire Douglas

Sparse and asymmetric faux trees make an interesting addition to the artificial market. Designed to be more realistic, they certainly make an impression.

I’ll be sharing details of my Christmas crafting and home styling over on instagram @instahome_uk & keep an eye out for details on my website too


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