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17 ideas for Valentine's decorations and decor

Updated: 4 days ago

Looking for Valentine's decorations? Then you're in the right place, as this post is all about Valentine's Day decorations - from the latest trends to classics like paper hearts, red roses, heart garlands and heart-shaped wreaths. Valentine's Day décor needn't be cliche; it's the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your home at a drab time of year as well as show the important people in your life how much they matter. Whether it be Valentine's or Galentine's that you're celebrating, here are some top tips on making an impact with your Valentine's decorations. 

Valentine's Decorations Ideas: 18 ideas to steal

Fancy creating or displaying some Valentine's decorations this year but not sure where to start? Here's a round-up of 15 great ideas to steal for your Valentine's decor. Use this research to go and find the top deals for Valentine's Day 2024.

valentines decorations red balloons and garlands
Image credit: Ginger Ray

1. ​Valentine's Day party decorations

If you're hosting a Valentine's party, then this balloons and Valentine's Day garland combo would be perfect. A heart garland is the epitome of Valentine's Day decor and would work well in a kitchen or living room (as shown). You could opt for classic pink and red or mix it up with some rose gold or peach for a twist. The Pantone colour of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, so you'd be perfectly on trend if you did!

purple wall wreath
Image credit: Cox and Cox

2. Floral Valentine's wall wreath

Wreaths will be big in 2024 (you heard it here first!), so you'll see them popping up as wall decor at every opportunity. Hanging a wreath on the wall with your Valentine's decorations is a great way to add some texture, height and interest. You don't have to stick to the typical colour palette either, using shades of purple and dusky pinks as shown below is a great idea because it can be used all through the year, making it better value for money and doesn't feel cliched.

pre lit eucalyptus wreath for home interiors
Image credit: Funky Chunky Furniture Co.

3. Pre-lit Valentine's Day wreaths

Not all Valentines decorations have to be pink or red, in fact I'd advise against using this colour scheme if your beau favours an alternative palette like green and white or jewel tones. The advantage of opting for green and white as a theme is that all the Valentine decorations can be used in your living spaces again throughout the year, making them better value for money and more sustainable. A pre-lit wreath, like the eucalyptus wreath shown, is a great way to make a style statement as it creates a focal point on the wall to draw your eye to.

Top Tip: Placing it opposite a mirror doubles the impact for no extra cost. 

4. Valentine's front door wreath

Valentines wreaths don't have to be limited to your interior walls, adding one to your front door creates a welcoming and cheerful vibe to your home's entrance and will give people a smile as they walk past your house. It's also a great way to lose the bare look after removing all the Christmas front-door decorations. 

valentines breakfast set up on chequered tablecloth
Image credit: Piglet in Bed

5. Valentine's breakfast tray

A Valentine's breakfast is the perfect way to start the Valentine's Day celebrations. You can shape items like toast or pancakes into hearts with cookie cutters and add strawberries and raspberries for a touch of pink and red. Pink tablecloths or napkins (as seen) are the perfect addition to your Valentine's decorations and can add a delicate romantic feel. 

pink candle selection for valentines decorations
Image credit: Lights4fun

6. Romantic Candles

If you don't want to go all out on a Valentine's tablescape, you could embrace the candles in a more laid-back way by adding pink taper candles, pillar candles and tealights to a side or coffee table. If you have kids or pets or are just wary of naked flames, then opt for flameless LED candles which even have a realistic flicker these days. Mix tonal shades of pink for a soft, romantic look, or go bold with striking neon shades for maximum impact.   

pink potted plant in pink plant pot
Image credit: Hornby Whitefoot PR

7. Potted plants

Fresh-cut flowers are great, but their blooms can be short-lived. Why not incorporate some potted plants into your Valentine's decorations to ensure a longer time to enjoy the flowers and the advantage of adding a coordinating plant pot into your Valentine's decorations? 

red heart-shared hanging backdrop garland
Image credit: Ginger Ray

8. Heart-shaped party backdrop

If you're setting up a photo booth for your Valentine's party, or you just want a heart-shaped backdrop or door cover for your Valentine's dinner, Ginger Ray's hanging heart backdrop is the perfect example of how to achieve it. 

Valentines tablescape with cupcakes
Image credit: Ginger Ray

9. Valentine's afternoon tea

​Hosting a Valentine's afternoon tea is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's or Galentine's Day. The Valentine decorations that work best for this scenario are vases of fresh cut flowers for the table and tall glasses of pink-coloured cocktails or mocktails to accompany frosted cupcakes and macaroons. Add paper doilies for a vintage touch or heart-shaped cake toppers and hear bunting for the table. 

Faux flower display in a vase
Image credit: Sweetpea and Willow

10. Faux flower arrangements

Incorporating faux flower arrangements into your Valentine's decorations is a great way to get more value for your money. If you add some real stems, you can create an even more authentic look (I recommend using supermarket flowers for this), and the other advantage is you change the look of the display so it feels fresh and new next time round. Faux roses are great for Valentine's decor as they give a nod to the occasion but are versatile too. Change up the colours if the stereotypical Valentine's look isn't your bag, and go for whites or even yellows.  

11. Valentines cushions

Valentine's cushions are a great way to decorate a living room as well as being a great opportunity for a craft project. You could go all out and have heart-shaped cushions in pik and red or take a more subtle approach with linen cushions and pared-back heart designs, fluting or even pompoms. 

flower bath for Valentines

12. Valentine's flower bath

Valentine's is the perfect time to create a flower bath. Use bath salts for fragrance, petals and flowers for decoration and candles and bathboard for accessories. You can use my tutorial to DIY an upcycled bathboard to keep things on a budget, and why not forage the flowers and foliage, too? 

valentines decorations - heart-shaped wreath
Image credit: Lights4fun

13. Go foraging for Valentine's decorations

Regular readers will know I'm a huge fan of decorating my home with flowers and also foraging for flowers and foliage and even have a mini online course dedicated to them. If funds are low at the start of the year, go foraging for flowers and foliage for valentines decorations for your home - put small stems in bud vases beside your bed, on your dressing table, in the bathroom, on window sills, coffee tables and in the kitchen for maximum effect. 

Valentines tablescape decorations
Image credit: Talking Tables

14. Create a valentines tablescape

Creating a romantic tablescape on your dining table with your Valentine's decorations is the perfect way to show that special person how important they are. Add candles, flowers, napkins, music, and their favourite food to create the perfect dinner table, saving a bunch on overpriced and overfilled restaurants.  Add personal touches to your Valentine's Day dinner with handwritten name cards and menu, and make table confetti with dried petals. 

Valentines flower cloud above rustic wooden dining table

15. Create a Valentine's flower cloud

A flower cloud is a great way to get the maximum impact from your Valentine's decorations without sacrificing precious table space. Utilising the space above the table, they allow you to gaze into your Valentine's eyes under a cloud of floral loveliness.

Create this look by scrunching some chicken wire to form a base and threading faux and real stems through the holes in the wire. Once complete, suspend the DIY flower cloud with see though wire from hooks screwed into the ceiling.

valentines bunting
Image credit: Lights4fun

16. Valentine's bunting

Using bunting in your Valentine's decorations is a great way to give a nod to the occasion without spending too much time and effort whilst ensuring you can reuse the decorations regularly throughout the year. You can easily make your own bunting using fabric remnants and offcuts (which you might have after making a DIY skirtain or curtains ) or you can buy it pre-made to save time. Bunting is a popular choice of decoration for children's bedrooms and nurseries so you could relocate it after your Valentine's celebration.

17. DIY floral ice bucket

Creating a DIY floral ice bucket is a simple but effective project. Place a container inside a larger one and arrange your chosen stems in the gap, followed by water to the top. Ensure the inner container is weighted down before freezing. Remove the inner container after the water has frozen to reveal a bespoke floral ice bucket.

Floral ice balls with roses

18. Floral ice balls or cubes

I've written a tutorial for how to make floral ice balls which is worth a read if you fancy recreating this stylish Valentine's decor idea.

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