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Christmas Styling: Festive Tablescape Ideas

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Top tips for the perfect tablescape this Christmas

This is a flashback to my tablescape from last year - I’m not organised enough to have already decided exactly what I’m going to do this year. (Spoiler alert it’s going to be quite similar on account of my not having bought any news decs this year but I'm considering subtly partaking in the blue Christmas trend or buying some of these best baubles of 2023!).

Pick a theme for your festive tablescape

The theme was rustic cosy and was all about natural materials like linen (napkins) and wood (table and napkin rings) paired with lots of greenery at different levels. On that last point, I was quite chuffed with how I attached a wreath to the base of the pendant light about the table to fashion a festive hanging display without the agro of fixing in ceiling attachments!

Avoid festive patterns and detailing for better value

Creating the perfect Christmas table setting can be a bit overwhelming, especially when time is short and the pressure is on. I created this tablescape using tableware that can be used all your round, making it even better value for money. I guess that could be considered a top tip - if you avoid linens or tableware with snowmen or Christmas pudding patterns and stick with more generic designs then you can eek out a lot more use.

Use real foliage if you can

I repurposed an artificial garland for the table centrepiece and added pine cones and some real foliage but it didn’t look as good as I would’ve liked because there wasn’t enough real foliage added due to time constraints. I wish I’d had a chance to do more foraging beforehand as it always creates a more festive feel.

Below is a better example from the year before where I used all real foliage and greenery and I was happier with the final look.

For this tablescape I also added some height but this time I cheated and used an old curtain pole which I covered with foraged greenery and added some baubles for even more festive feels.

Add candles

Candles add so much to a tablescape, both in height, texture and ambience from the glowing lights and flickering flames. I found a rustic candle holder that held five candles and intertwined foliage around the base for added details.

Don’t forget to check out all my other Christmas Styling tips on my DIY Christmas page.

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