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Beautiful bedroom styling tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Looking for bedroom styling tips? Here's how to transform yours into a stylish sanctuary you won't want to leave.

It pays to know a few good bedroom styling tips because bedrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating with rooms playing host to visitors taking priority. I can relate to this as the bedroom in our last house had little attention other than a lick of paint in the three years we lived there. Although understandable, this is one mistake you should try to avoid, especially these days when our houses have to be multi-functional and we are spending more time than ever in them. Future you will be grateful for every bit of effort spent creating a relaxing refuge to retreat to. In this house, I was keen not to make the same mistake again, so employed a budget-friendly and DIY-savvy approach to bedroom styling with my budget bedroom makeover to beat the lockdown blues.

Don't worry if painting pink ombré mountains isn't your bag; here are some bedroom styling tips to help ...

1. Be picky with your colour palette

The first of our bedroom styling tips is to consider the colours you include in your bedroom palette and avoid any that are too energizing or vibrant. Although colours affect people differently and colour psychology is very personal, experts agree that certain colours are best avoided in a bedroom...yellow and lime green for example.

Colour expert, Karen Haller FRSA (a leading international authority in the field of Behavioural Colour and Design Psychology) explains the science behind our relationship with colour and provides the tools you need to successfully curate the perfect palette in your home in her brilliant book, The Little Book of Colour. Haller explains that 'every tint, tone and shade of colour has an emotional impact', and careful attention is required in the selection process in order to, 'harness their emotional power'. So carefully picking your favourite hues to use in your bedroom styling techniques will pay dividends.

To save money, you could reuse, revamp and rotate your home decor (one of my favourite things to do).

2. Layering up textures is key

Layering up your bed with a bedspread or throw and cushions (doesn’t have to be loads) is a top bedroom styling tips. When choosing cushions, consider combining patterns and textures (staying within your colour palette for the room) as this can help add depth and interest and make the bed an attractive focal point.

Layering works for all styles. For luxurious, high-end hotel vibes, neatness is key; steam the bedding first to remove any creases and tuck the sides tightly under the sides of the mattress, plump the cushions and arrange them precisely on the bed. For a relaxed, bohemian feel take the opposite approach and embrace the unmade-bed look. Cushions can be casually placed and throws or bedspreads loosely draped over part of the bed and attractively bunched in places to create welcoming waves of material.

neutral bedroom with elegant mirror and lighting
Photo credit Steph @stephfrom_belmont

Steph's bedroom (@stephfrom_belmont on IG) is perfectly pristine with period charm to boot. The beautifully styled bed is the main focal point but it's clear to see that every inch of the space has been considered, from the wall panelling to the elegant reading light and attractive column radiator. The neutral colour palette incorporates earthy yet elegant tones which effortlessly flow from one to the next.

3. Don't overlook bedside styling

The next in our list of bedroom styling tips is to keep bedside tables/cabinets as clear of clutter as possible, instead opt for stylish, decorative items and accessories that make you smile or aid relaxation: a lovely scented candle, a small vase of flowers, your current book, fave moisturiser, diffuser etc.

If you need some inspiration, then look no further than Catherine's (@interiors71 on IG) exquisite bedroom below. This well-thought-out scheme oozes sophistication and the pared-back colour palette allows pattern and texture to take centre stage. The bedside unit showcases a beautifully curated collection of accessories with the vase of flowers continuing the botanical thread that is picked up in the cushion and artwork. The whole scheme flows effortlessly and would no doubt promote calm and rest.

Neutral bedroom with layered bed and styled bedsde table
Photo credit @interiors71

4. Go luxe with lighting

Soft bedside lighting is a great way to set a calm, relaxing mood. If you have room on bedside table(s) a gorgeous lamp could be the way to go, alternatively, wall-mounted bedside lights can provide a feature (there are also loads of plug-in / wall-mounted options to save the faff of electricians). Dunelm & both have beautiful, reasonably priced options at the moment. can always be relied upon for quirky pieces with personality and if luxury is the name of the game then you really must check in on lumiere which has a catalogue of over 3000 lights and stocks the biggest name designers in the lighting game.

If your budget is tight and hardwired lighting isn't an option, there are alternatives to save the day. With plug-in wall lights, rechargeable 'magic' bulbs, battery-powered puck lights and DIY lamps I've got plenty of home decor hacks to help you up your game without an electrician.

Bedside lighting is just one of the many things that talented Jen (@crack_the_shutters on IG where she shares lots of DIY, styling & interiors content) has got right in the stunning picture below. You'll struggle to find a more aesthetically pleasing set-up than this gorgeous room. The blue and green influenced colour palette is peaceful and calming with feminine splashes of pale pink thrown in for good measure. The whole scheme is classic and timeless whilst still managing to feel very current.

Photo credit Jen @crack_the_shutters

5. Add some art

Pick a piece of art you love for optimum bedroom style. It can be as whimsical, abstract or romantic as you like and will help build your emotional connection with the room, making the space feel special and somewhere you want to escape to.

There are lots of cool prints available on sites like , Desenio and Juniqe or you could treat yourself to some original artwork or limited edition prints from talented artists like Anna Jacobs, The Colour Doctor or Kerry Hussain (Art for the Soul).

Below is a brilliant example of how to incorporate art into your stylish bedroom scheme. Fi (@fiandherhouse on IG) has thoughtfully curated a welcoming space by combining a light, fresh colour palette with simple, uncluttered styling and a variety of materials. The resulting mix of old and new is a creative triumph.

Photo credit @fiandherhouse

6. The devil's in the detail

You could think about adding a feature to the wall behind your bed or perhaps some lovely wallpaper or DIY wall panelling (super simple to DIY or easy for a handyman to add in a few hours). If it's the wall behind the bed, you can go quite bold and make a real statement without the worry of disrupted sleep as you won’t be looking at it as you drift off.

Quirky bedroom with feature wall and relaxed bed.
Photo credit Belle @designermumetc

This unique and stylish bedroom is a breath of fresh air and belongs to Belle (@designermumetc on IG). There are so many quirky and interesting features to capture the imagination, not least the stunning feature wall and bowler hat ceiling light. This creative room feels very in touch with nature with the choice of materials, floral details and touches of green and would be a fantastic sanctuary away from the pressures of everyday life.

7. Employ a room divider or screen for zoning and privacy

Rather than a bedroom styling tip, this one is an absolutely essential for your sanity. Working from home is a reality that's here to stay, and for some, this can, unfortunately, mean some form of office / IT equipment in the bedroom. If this is an issue you are struggling with and you really don't have anywhere to relocate the offending items then hiding them at the end of the working day might be your best bet. There are loads of cool/beautiful foldout room dividers that you could use to cover the computer equipment when it's time to log off. Wayfair has lots of reasonably priced options and Rockett St George has some off-the-charts gorgeous solutions that are a must-see if your budget will stretch.

8. Appeal to all the senses

The next of our bedroom styling tips is to create the perfect sanctuary by adding treats for all your senses - a few ideas are below…

  • Forage some fresh flowers or foliage/ room spray/ pillow mist/ diffuser / scented candle

  • Relaxing music or your fave podcast to wind down to

  • Incorporate your favourite materials into bedding & accessories ie velvet cushions/silk PJs/ fluffy rug / high thread count bedding

  • Use your favourite/patterns/pictures to trigger happy memories and promote relaxation

9. Focus on the flooring

If your flooring isn't right, your whole room will feel off. In an ideal world, I'd suggest replacing unattractive or tatty flooring with beautiful new solid wood flooring like that sold by Flooring365, but as this isn't always possible, a bedroom styling tip is to choose a beautiful rug to cover the floor and bring you joy every time it catches your eye.

Thanks so much for reading. I'd love to keep you up to date with future DIY, decorating, interior styling and upcycling projects, if you would like to receive my (not more than weekly & no spamming I promise) emails then please subscribe (scroll down to the box at the bottom of the page).

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