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29 tiny house kitchen storage ideas to maximise kitchen space

Updated: Apr 30

Steal these great storage ideas to elevate your tiny kitchen today

This bumper round-up of clever tiny house storage ideas will open your eyes to the possibilities of clever kitchen storage. I'm forever working on improving my kitchen storage and organisation and have utilised many of these ideas in my own home with great success. The good news is that upping your home organisation game is totally addictive, and once you start looking at your kitchen more objectively, you'll surprise yourself with how much space there actually is. 

Tiny house storage options are all about using a little creativity and optimising places like the insides of your cabinet doors and using tricks like adding hooks and hanging rails. If having less stuff doesn't appeal, don't panic; this guide will help you identify the potential in your tiny kitchen and get it positively tardis-like! 

Tiny house kitchen storage ideas: 30 inspiring ways to elevate your kitchen storage

These 30 ideas are guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired to revamp your kitchen storage.

1. Kitchen Island for storage

A kitchen island is a great way to maximize storage in small spaces. Use a freestanding one on wheels for ultimate space optimisation as it can be wheeled around as needed for example you might move it out the way if you need to make more space for a dining table. 

2. Don't forget vertical storage

Vertical storage in small kitchen
Image credit: Dunelm

Utilize vertical space for clever storage solutions in your tiny kitchen. When you have limited space you need to utilise all the vertical space you can so vertical storage is the name of the game. I love open shelving, but you could choose pegboard storage or even wall-mounted cabinets installed higher than normal to allow light to bounce around and not make the space feel cramped. 

3. Add a pull-out larder

A pull-out larder offers easy access to pantry items while saving floor space. I love my pull-out larder as it stops items from getting lost at the back of narrow cupboards. 

4. Add some pantry shelving

pantry shelving

Pantry shelving helps organize small kitchen essentials efficiently. I love pantries for kitchen storage, even in tiny kitchens. Read my posts about creative pantry ideas and how to upcycle pantry storage using leftover glass jars.

5. Add some hanging rails

kitchen hanging rail

Hanging rails create additional storage space without taking up much room. I love a hanging rail for aesthetics as well as practical kitchen storage. Read my tutorial on how to create a faux antique brass rail from a wooden dowel. Position under kitchen cabinets to make the most of overworktop storage and ensure everything is within easy reach. 

6. Optimise your fridge storage

Optimised fridge storage

Optimize fridge organization to make the most of limited cabinet space. I like to use empty fruit and veg containers to organise my fridge as they are the perfect size to keep everything separate and visible on the shelves. 

7. Create a utility storage cupboard

Utility cupboard for small kitchen storage

Utilize a utility cupboard for extra storage in your small kitchen. Read my post about how this kitchen cupboard got a storage and organisation overhaul meaning there was enough room to store everything easily and also to see what was in there. Hanging hooks and back-of-door storage were the key improvements.  

8. Install deep drawers

Pull-out deep drawers are a clever way to maximize square footage in tiny kitchens. When it comes to the lower cabinets, shelves can be difficult to access, and you can't easily see what's stored inside, so pull-out drawers are helpful, although the deep ones are much more practical than typical shallow ones.

9. Add inner drawers

Inner drawers provide designated places for smaller items, maximizing cabinet space. I retrofitted inner drawers to my deep pan drawers and they have made a huge difference by almost doubling the available storage space. 

10. Consider drawer organisers

inner drawer inserts for cutlery
Image credit: Simon Taylor Furniture | Photographer: Darren Chung

Drawer organizers keep utensils tidy and easily accessible in small kitchen drawers. You can buy beautifully crafted wooden drawer inserts or simple and affordable plastic ones, they all work well to optimise storage by keeping things organised and using every inch of drawer space. Cutlery drawer organization ensures easy access to everyday items in your kitchen.

11. Add hanging hooks

Hanging hooks create extra storage for kitchen essentials in tiny spaces. You can easily add hanging hooks to available space in a small kitchen. If you don't want to drill holes in the wall, you can buy adhesive pads to hold the hooks in place. 

12. Install storage baskets

Storage baskets offer a stylish solution for organizing smaller items in a small kitchen. I love rustic storage baskets and use them all over the place in my small kitchen. Use hanging hooks and rails to position storage baskets under open shelving or cabinets.

13. Optimise under-stairs storage

Make use of under-stairs storage for storing kitchen items in a small home. The under-stairs space is often neglected, but if properly utilised it can solve all your tiny house storage issues. Read my post about creative ways to optimise the under-stairs storage space. 

14. Utilise over-cupboard storage

Utilize on top of cabinet storage for less-used kitchen items. Storing items on top of upper kitchen cabinets is a great tiny house storage idea, especially over the top of corner cabinets where there is even more storage space on offer. Read my post about ways to store and decorate above kitchen cabinets for inspiration.  

15. Add an organised coffee station.

organised coffee station for small kitchen storage

A coffee station provides a designated place for your morning essentials. I love an organised and stylish kitchen coffee bar or station. I write a post about tea and coffee station organiser ideas if you fancy a deep dive into clever ways to make better use of this space. 

16. Add storage behind your kickboards

Under kickboard drawer storage aka plinth storage is a clever way to utilize every inch of space. This isn't something I've added to my own kitchen, but I've seen lots of people cleverly adapt this dead space by installing a pull out drawer attached to the back of the kickboards to make better use of the space. 

17. Build a fridge surround with storage

DIY fridge surround with storage

The fridge surround with storage maximizes the use of available space in the kitchen. This was a DIY project that I completed to make my freestanding fridge freezer look less lost in the corner of my kitchen after part 1 of the DIY kitchen revamp I completed. One of the bonus benefits was the additional storage on top of the fridge, all nicely concealed so it looks neat and tidy.

18. Add a dining bench with storage

dining bench with storage in small kitchen
Image credit: Simon Taylor Furniture | Photographer: Darren Chung

A dining bench with storage underneath serves as a dual-purpose furniture piece. When it comes to tiny house kitchen storage ideas, a dining bench with built in storage is the perfect spot to sit and eat as well as to store kitchen items underneath. Tiny house living is all about getting creative and making the most of every tiny space.

  19. Install a breakfast bar

DIY breakfast bar with built in storage

Incorporating a breakfast bar with storage adds both functionality and style to a small kitchen. I added a breakfast bar to my kitchen as a creative DIY using microcement. It provided extra space to sit and eat or do homework etc and was a great option for elevating the functionality of our small kitchen.  20. Add storage stands to shelves

In-cupboard stands/shelves for tins and jars make the best use of cabinet space. Ideal for pantry storage, little stands or shelves that sit in cupboards allow you to sit tins and jars at varying heights so you can see more of what is stored in your organised cabinet. 

21. Add end of unit shelving

End-of-unit shelving offers additional storage for kitchen essentials. Using the end of units for extra shelving is an easy way to ensure you have enough kitchen storage. Use these shelves for small appliances, cookbooks, space jars or pantry storage. This tiny house storage idea words well on the sides of your lower cabinets too. 

22. Create bespoke built-in storage

built-in tray storage in small kitchen
Image credit: Searle & Taylor | Photographer: Paul Craig

Built-in tray storage keeps trays organized and out of the way in small kitchens. This clever storage idea looks great and ensures you have room in your tiny kitchen for essentials like trays and cutting boards which are often left floating about or hidden in cupboards.  23. Add pull-out corner unit storage

Corner unit pull-out storage optimizes hard-to-reach corners for better use of space. Corner units can create dead space in tiny kitchens as they are hard to access and without proper storage can be a nightmare to use. Installing a pull-out corner storage unit means you can easily get an organised cabinet with plenty of room for all your pots and pans. 

24. Add pocket doors to tiny kitchens

Pocket doors are a brilliant way to make tiny house life more functional as they allow you to section off areas without having to squeeze in flapping doors into a tiny space. 

25. Add magnetic strip storage

Use a magnetic strip provide extra storage potential from hooks and rails on metal appliances like the fridge. The beauty of magnetic strips is that no drilling is required and you can move the storage around as required. B&Q have a great range of magnetic storage. 

26. Utilitse under-cabinet storage

Utilise under cupboard space to keep items off the worktop but maximise storage. Add rails, hooks or even shelves to store kitchen items. 

27. Add storage racks to back-of-cabinet doors

back of door storage in kitchen

Use door racks to maximise in-cupboard storageclever tiny house storage ideas are all about using every surface and area available. The space on the back of cabinet doors is prime for storage and can be easily optimised by installing back-of-the door storage racks. 

28. Organise under sink area for maximum storage 

under-sink cupboard organisation

Read my tutorial with clickable product links to see how I organised and improved the storage capacity of my under-sink cupboard 29. Add a wall-mounted plate rack

A wall-mounted plate rack (like the one shown in the image from Annie Sloan) is one of the best ways to store plates in a tiny home kitchen. The plates are easily accessible, and by using wall space, you free up the limited cabinet space for less aesthetically pleasing items. 

How to optimise small kitchen storage

In the compact world of tiny house living, optimizing kitchen space is key. From open shelves to pull-out cabinets, we have seen with these thirty ideas that maximizing every inch counts and organizing with creativity is paramount. Multifunctional furniture, like kitchen islands doubling as breakfast bars and storage adds versatility. Clever storage solutions, such as pot racks and pull-out drawers, make the most of limited space.

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