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Wet 'n' Fix repair pads for loose rawl plugs - a review

Updated: Jun 9

These quick bonding pads will have your loose rawl plugs fixed tight in no time, just follow these easy steps.

Wet n fix repair discs for loose rawl plugs

Loose rawl plug in interior wall

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Loose rawl plugs / wall plugs can be a real menace. We've all been there... (think pesky curtain pole, dodgy loo roll holder or wonky coat hooks) where the once sturdy wall plug has come loose for whatever reason (it could be crumbly walls, or perhaps you've taken the screw in and out one too many times). You know you ought to remove it altogether, drill a new hole in the wall and start again but you don't quite get round to it and the problem persists.

Well, I have good news... these magic little discs are going to save the day!

Wet n fix repair discs for loose rawl plugs with pot of water

Truthfully, I didn’t have high expectations for this product but was intrigued by its claims to securely reset a loose rawl plug in less time than it takes to boil a kettle, so I decided to put Wet n Fix repair discs to the test.


Wet n Fix are small thin discs of material with dried filler/plaster that you submerse in water then wrap around the rawl plug to set them in most wall types. They are designed for rawl plugs that have come loose in the wall or if you haven’t used the correct size drill bit for your plugs and the hole is too large. I mocked up the latter for my test.

Here's a handy guide on how to use Wet n Fix discs to repair loose rawl plugs

Prepare the Wet 'n' Fix disc(s)

Wet n fix repair discs for loose rawl plugs dipped in water

The first step is to submerge the disc you plan to use in a pot of cold water. If the hole you are filling is much larger than the width of the rawl plug you might choose to use two discs. Remove the discs from the water and let the excess water drip off.

Wrap around the rawl plug

Wet n fix repair discs for loose rawl plugs

Place the rawl plug on the wet disc and wrap it around it. Smooth the disc and remove any excess water. Shape the disc around the rawl plug to help it fit in the hole.

Fill the hole

With the wet discs wrapped around the rawl plug, place the whole thing in the hole that needs filling and press firmly. Allow to set, which only takes s matter of minutes.

rawl plug secure in wall with wet n fix discs

The results

Heavy mallet hanging on newly secured rawl plug in the wall

Ok, so it did work and surprisingly quickly too. It was quite messy and you might need more than one disc depending on the gap to fill but there’s no denying how strong the fix is and how quick - if you are not a keen DIYer and are looking for a quick ‘no drill’ fix then this is it.

Keen DIYers will likely still prefer to fill and redrill, but this is definitely a handy product to have.

Would you try them? Let me know!

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