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Why a bobbin mirror is a must-have for 2024

Here's all the bobbin mirror inspo you need to get you started.

rectangular bobbin mirror
Image credit: OKA

A bobbin mirror is a mirror that features a "bobbin" design of some kind. A bobbin typically refers to a spindle or cylindrical piece used in the textile industry or in furniture construction, often characterized by a turned or carved design, and this recognisable feature is usually what the frame is made from on a bobbin mirror. 

Bobbin mirrors have become popular in recent years and are looking to be a hot home interior trend for 2024 because they can be a statement piece that seamlessly blends classic charm with a contemporary look and can be styled to suit many interior styles. 

You can easily DIY a bobbin mirror by adding a bobbin frame to an existing mirror, making it a great upcycling or customisation project to create a bespoke piece for your home. 

How to use a bobbin mirror to create the illusion of space

Mirrors are renowned for their ability to make spaces appear larger and more open. With its intricate frame and reflective surface, the bobbin mirror takes this optical illusion to the next level. Strategically placing a bobbin mirror in a room can amplify natural light, create depth, and make the space feel more expansive. It's a simple yet effective trick that us interior stylists swear by. 

Where to use a bobbin mirror to elevate your interior

bobbin mirror in green living room with red chair
Image credit: Dunelm

Bobbin mirrors come in an array of shapes and sizes, offering you the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your space. Whether you prefer a large round mirror as a statement piece above the fireplace or a smaller bobbin mirror in a bedroom above a bedside table or nightstand there are options for every room. Placing your bobbin mirror is a crucial part of the perfect furniture layout and is the final step in your room makeover.

Create a vintage feel with wooden bobbin mirrors

Wooden bobbin mirrors can add the feeling of vintage to your interior scheme because they are so reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship. You can play to this by opting for a vintage colour scheme (like these dark green living room ideas) in your room and style with vintage patterned fabrics and soft furnishings, or distressing the wood finish to look aged (like I did with my recent aged IKEA bench hack). 

Create a contemporary feel with colourful bobbin mirrors

The high street has lots of colourful bobbin mirrors to offer at the moment and they can create a playful vibe when paired with bold contrasting colours in the wall paint or wallpaper they are paired with. An intricate bobbin mirror can add a layer of elegance to a scheme, especially when styled with elegant finishes like antique brass for your switches, sockets and wall lights.  

How to make a DIY round bobbin mirror

Here's a simple guide to help you get started with a round bobbin mirror.

You will need:

  • Round Mirror

  • Half wooden beads in the size of your choice.

  • Wood Glue

  • Sandpaper (optional, to smooth any rough edges on the beads)

  • Paint or Stain to suit the interior you are making it for. 

  • Brushes or Cloths to apply paint or stain.

  • Hanging Hardware - check your mirror has means the hang on a wall, or you’ll need to attach this separately. 


1. Gather your materials

Lay out everything you’ll need and protect the surface you’re working on from glue or paint spillages.

2. Position the wooden beads

Lay the beads out around the mirror frame until you are happy with their positioning. Sand any rough surfaces if required. 

3. Glue the frame

Apply wood glue to the base of the half beads and place them onto the mirror frame. Repeat until the whole frame has been covered. Leave until the glue has set.

4. Paint or Stain:

Once the frame is dry, paint or stain it according to your preference. Apply multiple coats if needed, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next.

5. Hang Your Bobbin Mirror:

Attach hanging hardware to the back of the bobbin frame. Make sure it's suitable for the type of wall you're mounting it on.

Can I cover over mirror desilvering with a bobbin frame?

Yes, making a DIY bobbin frame for your bathroom mirror is a great way to extend its life and give the whole space a lift. I've written a whole post about dealing with mirror oxidation/rot and another about how to prevent mirror desilvering that you might find useful.

Where can I buy a bobbin mirror?

See below for suggestions of where to buy a bobbin mirror, including OKA, Dunelm, Rose & Grey, Melody Maison and Dar lighting group.

bobbin mirror
Image credit: Dunelm
bobbin mirror
Image credit: OKA UK
bobbin mirror
Image credit: Rose and Grey

bobbin mirror adjacent to white chest of drawers
Image credit: Melody Maison

bobbin mirror above chest of drawers
Image credit: Melody Maison
round blue bobbin mirror
Image credit: Dar Lighting Group

gren living room with bobbin mirror and red armchair
Image credit: Dunelm

red square bobbin mirror
Image credit: OKA UK

Thanks for reading; I hope you found some inspiration for your bobbin mirror search. If you'd like to receive my monthly newsletter, don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list by scrolling to the bottom of the page and dropping your email address in the box, or by popping up the subscribe option of the "Lifestyle' tab of the main menu.

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Damila Mirka
Damila Mirka
May 11

I had no idea those things were called bobbins! I really like the design of them. But I probably wouldn't get a mirror facing bed since mirrors are supposedly able to trap souls according to old folklore :)


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