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  • A collection of brilliantly stylish yet affordable wooden breakfast bar stools.

    I recently DIYed a concrete (microcement, seeing as you asked!) concrete-style bar, but it was mega money and definitely not worth spending that much when I knew I could microcement comfortable of the list but are also the most bulky and I felt would detract from the simplicity of the microcement

  • Why I'm embracing minimalism in 2023

    in lots of organic and natural textures like wood, limewash, sisal, stone and of course my favourite microcement

  • DIY Coffee Station - IKEA hack shelves

    After the success of the microcement ledge shelf I installed as part of my budget kitchen revamp, I was Microcement You can skip this step if you aren’t applying microcement; it’s not essential and you could I’m a huge fan of the texture and depth that microcement adds to a surface and regularly incorporate I have lots of posts about microcement on my blog - you can read them here... first layer of mixed microcement thinly with my skimming spreader.

  • 10 Affordable Kitchen Makeover Ideas to Transform Your Space

    I was super happy with the microcement worktops and the extra features that I had added (namely, the tall microcement backsplash, ledge shelf & waterfall ends that you can read the step-by-step for in my The DIY breakfast bar I built from timber and microcement really made the kitchen makeover for me. is the run of kitchen cupboards that I microcemented. This was quite an experimental DIY as I hadn’t used microcement on cabinets or cupboard doors before,

  • 7 easy ideas for a kitchen makeover on a budget.

    place in the corner of the kitchen, so I built a DIY fridge surround to go around it and coated it in microcement can run into the thousands from kitchen manufacturers, especially with less mainstream finishes like microcement the light So, that was the list of issues and here’s what I did to resolve them… An obsession with microcement I used on off-white polished concrete microcement kit from to completely transform I flipped them upside down (to give a slightly deeper ledge for styling) and covered them in microcement

  • Cement cloth decor: How, why and where.

    DIY hack to turn old napkins into stylish pots or vases using microcement powder What is cement cloth Regular readers will know that I'm a bit obsessed with microcement. As this project required a more diluted form of microcement I added extra water. Step 3: Microcement application Wearing gloves, lift the fabric out of the microcement mixture and place Layer microcement on the inside using the paint brush and allow to dry.

  • Built-in fridge freezer a DIY tutorial

    Part of this revamp involved microcementing the worktops & backsplash and adding waterfall ends. Now for the fun bit...microcementing Before starting on the actual microcement process I glued the edges Mixing up the microcement for layer 1 - While the primer was drying I made up the first batch of microcement Top Tip: I found the microcement much easier to use when it was quite runny. Sealing the microcement At the time of writing this I haven’t had a chance to seal the microcement but

  • Fluted MDF panels: 5 places I’ve used them in my home 

    Then I caulked the join and microcemented over it when I covered the worktops. Underneath a breakfast bar I DIYed a microcement breakfast bar to use the awkward space left after a I was also conscious that the area is very neutral in colour as both the microcement and the painted coffee station This IKEA hack project was where I used their MOSSLANDA picture shelves upside down and microcemented For the side of the worktops, I also microcemented over the sealed joins when I covered the worktops.

  • How to fill the gap above kitchen cabinets in 6 easy steps

    As you can see from the photos, I was in the middle microcementing the kitchen cabinets (I had recently used microcement on the wall between the units where I built my IKEA hack shelves and DIY coffee station

  • Top 10 IKEA finds - bargain homeware you'll love

    on sale at £8 I picked up one of these jugs for decorative purposes and it's currently sitting on a microcement I then covered them with microcement (to match in with the wall that I'd also covered in my favourite concrete micro-topping) and then styled with lots of my fab IKEA finds.

  • Best plasterboard filler for fixing cracks and holes: A DIY guide

    I've used it to skim two large artex ceilings as well as numerous walls and a whole bunch of microcement projects too (eg the DIY microcement fridge surround and the worktops and backsplash in the DIY kitchen

  • H&M Home Top buys: What I bought & what's still on my wishlist!

    going through a big phase of loving natural wood and darker tones to break up the expanses of off-white microcement

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