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Condensation in the home

Condensation is an important topic when it comes to home interiors, as it can be damaging to both your property and your health. Fortunately, it's easy to fix when you know how. I've done the research and tested the products so you don't have to. I've put together a super simple guide to save you time and money with lots of top tips that will help you beat condensation in your home. 

How to beat condensation 

Window with Plant

Prevent condensation

The key is reducing moisture levels in your home through adequate ventilation and preventing air temperature from dropping too low. Read detailed advice about preventing condensation here.


Remove condensation

If condensation appears on your windows and walls, it's essential that you dry it up to prevent it from turning into dangerous mould. Use a cloth or towel to soak it up and look. into methods of preventing condensation to stop it from returning.

Cleaning Products

Clean up mould

If you find you have condensation issues, it's essential to clean up any mould that might have started to form. Find out about preventing and dealing with bathroom mould here.

Recommended products

Keylitos dehumidifier
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