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Foraging for flowers and foliage for home styling

Foraging is searching for and collecting flowers, leaves and foliage that are growing in the wild for your own personal use. Foraging is legal in the UK in most places as long as you abide by certain rules as laid out in the Countryside Act.

Foraging is a great way to incorporate foliage into your home styling that you might not otherwise be able to access or afford.   

There is a lot of information available on the web about the rules of foraging but here are my top tips... 

- Only take what you need and no more & only where there is an abundance

- Never uproot any plant or flower as this is illegal

- Never cause any damage or leave any rubbish

- Stick to public footpaths, bridleways and woodland as you need the landowner's permission to enter private property

- Research your route beforehand and check for any local restrictions that might be signposted

- Be sure you know the species before you pick anything and take care to avoid poisonous plants!

Below are the answers to some other foraging-related FAQs...

Claire Douglas Foraging for home styling.jpg

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