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5 Festive Front Door Christmas Decorations to Greet Your Guests

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Deck the Halls with these front door Christmas decorations

Most people have a box of Christmas decorations hidden away, perhaps under the stairs or in the loft, but how many, I wonder, contain decorations for the front door? Front door Christmas decorations are much less common than the iconic Christmas mantle garland or the decorated Christmas tree, but if the spike in Pinterest searches are anything to go by it’s an area that people are keen to find out more about.

In the UK, a traditional Christmas wreath is a common sight on front doors and that’s about the extent of it. A couple of years ago, there was a trend to wrap front doors with giant ribbons to look like oversized gifts, but it didn’t really take off. Judging by every Christmas movie I’ve ever seen, for ideas and inspiration for front door Christmas decorations, we need to pop over the pond and visit the Americans who know a thing or two about Christmas kerb appeal.

1. Add a festive front door Christmas wreath

festive door wreath

Wreaths are an iconic way of dressing your door, celebrating the festive season and welcoming guests and there are so many ways to incorporate one into your Christmas decor. Foraged wreaths are easy and cheap to make as there is always an abundance of green foliage available at this time of the year to pick from. You can buy wreath bases and twine from Amazon for a few pounds and add dried fruit (which you can also buy if you aren’t feeling particularly crafty!).

Top tips for making a foraged wreath

  • Use conifer for strong and sturdy festive foliage that keeps its shape and colour for weeks.

  • You can tightly bind the branches you add by wrapping the green twine around the wreath base and trapping the base of the stems.

  • Add jute ribbon for a rustic look or red velvet for a traditional feel.

Foraged wreath shopping list

If you don’t fancy or simply don’t have time to make your own wreath there is a huge selection to choose from. Below are a few examples that would suit a range of budgets…

Oversized pre-lit front door Christmas wreath - Atkin & Thyme

giant front door wreath front door Christmas decorations

This oversized pre-lit door wreath makes a seriously impressive statement. It’s big, bold and fairly budget-busting, but we can dream, right??

Snowy wreath - M&S

snowy artificial wreath front door Christmas decorations

Simple and stylish this artificial snowy wreath would work well with any colour front door, but would stand out especially well with a dark background.

Bunny tail artificial wreath - M&S

bunny tail artificial wreath from M&S front door Christmas decorations

2. Decorate with an over-door garland

You can easily create a foraged garland as a front door Christmas decoration; you just need some fixings above the door to attach the foliage to. To make your life easier, you could roll up some chicken wire to form a base for the garland.

Creating an inviting arch over your front door with a pre-lit garland like the one shown from Lights4fun is an easy way to make a festive focal point for under £50.

3. Over-door icicles

Christmas icicle lights over a window

This entry on the list of front door Christmas decorations gives me snowy chalet in the forest at Christmas vibes and it’s a super simple and cost-effective solution as a long string of twinkling icicles will only set you back about £20.

4. Outside Christmas trees

Hear me out. I know they aren’t strictly speaking a front door decorating idea but Christmas trees aren’t just for indoors and are a key player in Christmas kerb appeal. Real or artificial, Christmas trees accessorised with twinkling fairy lights are an excellent way to create a striking scene in front of your house. Money-saving tip: If you don’t have the budget to buy Christmas trees to decorate your front garden, then you could wrap outdoor (weather-proof) fairy lights around any trees or bushes you already have. A neat trick is to wrap them in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree (wide at the base, narrowing at the top) so that when it’s dark, people won’t be able to tell the difference. 

If a pre-lit artificial tree is in the budget then you could consider one of the below beauties. 


5. Light-up doorstep reindeer

light up reindeer front door christmas decoration

Add some Christmas magic to your front door area with a stunning light-up reindeer.

Solar-powered Christmas lights

Perhaps it’s just us and where our house is positioned close to lots of shadow-casting trees, but I’ve always had the worst luck with solar-powered lights, so this is more of a don't than do.

One year, I went mad on Amazon, buying multiple strings of the things and painstakingly arranging them over the front gutter, the wisteria arch and other notable garden areas, only to be massively disappointed by the results. We get so little sun in the winter that they’d only charge up for about 5 minutes of illumination every evening - total waste of time! 

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