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Here’s how to embrace the blue Christmas trend stylishly in a subtle and affordable way.

Updated: 4 days ago

How do you feel about the blue Christmas trend?

There are articles, adverts and posts about the blue Christmas theme everywhere you look. I’m not one to say I told you so, but I did call this particular Christmas trend in the article I wrote for a few weeks back. You can blame John Lewis for their futuristic space-themed Christmas theme ‘Beyond’, which is where all this blue malarkey started!

Anyway, I know that shiny blue tinsel and alien spaceship-shaped tree decorations are not everyone’s cup of tea, so this is a post to get you inspired about how you can embrace the blue Christmas theme but in a more leftfield, rather than totally out there way. This is the tinsel-free edit with oodles of style and lots of unusual and unique ideas to get you in the mood to decorate your home for Christmas. 

How to embrace the blue Christmas trend on a small budget

Christmas is an expensive time and budgets are often stretched enough just ordering the food and gifts, let alone having to shell out for a tonne of new trendy Christmas decorations for your home. It’s no surprise that shops come out with completely new themes each year as it’s a great way to shift a load of stock. But I’m here to tell you NOT to buy all new everything. Let’s save money and waste by reusing, repurposing and revamping what we already have (like foraging a fake ‘real’ Christmas tree) and you can still partake in the 2023 Christmas themes and trends just without giving the shops ALL your money.

Here are some ideas for how to embrace the blue Christmas theme for 2023 without getting a blue Christmas tree or investing in reams of blue tinsel.  

1. Invest in a classic blue bauble

turtle dove bauble from Annabel James in antique blue
Annabel James

Your Christmas tree doesn't need to be blue from top to bottom to embrace the blue Christmas trend for 2023; a single or small collection of blue baubles will give a nod to the trend without spending a fortune or being too OTT.

This lovely turtle dove bauble in antique blue from Annabel James has a nostalgic feel about it and isn’t in the slightest bit futuristic. Interestingly, I read the following surprising stat about turtle doves on the Annabel James website, Turtle Doves have sharply declined in the UK, by 98% in the past 50 years; now the largest population of nesting doves can be found in West Sussex thanks to the rewilding project at Knepp Castle.” If you buy this bauble you can impress visitors with your turtle dove-related knowledge this Christmas. 

2. Adorn your walls with blue artwork.

Investing in some blue artwork is a low-commitment way to acknowledge the blue Christmas trend because as long as you choose something that resonates with you and suits your interior style, it will work as a stand-alone piece for years to come.

I’ve found these three cool blue artworks of varying price points (from £13 - £145). Each would be a talking point (for the right reasons!) this Christmas and they would definitely add to the festive vibes.

blue snowy walk themed artwork for the blue Christmas trend 2023
John Dyer

John Dyer framed mounted artwork - 'Snowy Walkies, St Michael's Mount'. Cornwall Art Gallery.

John Dyer print of the Eiffel Tower at Christmas
John Dyer

French Print of the Eiffel Tower and Carousel in Paris. Vintage Style Travel Poster Art Print by John Dyer. France Wall Art

Jesus mary joseph and the wee donkey print
Ink & Drop

Jesus Mary Joseph Wee Donkey TV Quote Print

3. Dabble in some joyful blue coffee table styling

Box of christmas-themed matches with white dove on the front of the box carrying a sign reading joy
Annabel James

These beautiful matches are almost too pretty to use. The image on the box is quite retro and nostalgic and the shade of blue is bright enough to be eye-catching but would work with a range of interior colour palettes.  This is a very low-effort way to elevate your Christmas interior styling and give a nod to the blue Christmas trend at the same time. Perfect for lighting those festive Christmas candles we all love.

4. Hang some blue star paper lanterns

Blue paper star lanterns for blue Christmas trend 2023
Paper Starlights

With the amount of plastic floating around each festive season, paper decorations make for a pleasant change and these paper starlights are beautiful.

You can add LED lights to the back to make the star twinkle through the cut-out holes.

5. Wear some festive blue pyjamas

festive pyjamas for. the blue Christmas trend 2023

Are you a Christmas pyjama wearer? A comfy pair of PJs can make the festive period all the more comfy and cosy.

Is there anything better on Boxing Day than snuggling into the sofa with a box of celebrations and some new Christmas pyjamas?

For many, festive PJs are a family affair with matching sets being a non-negotiable. I can only imagine the look on Mr D’s face if I were to suggest this idea…ba humbug! ; )

6. Get some help from Harry Potter

Light-up ravenclaw bauble for the blue Christmas trend 2023

If classic baubles were a bit too tame for you, why not embrace a little Christmas magic with the help of Harry Potter. These personalised light-up ravenclaw baubles (with your chosen name on the back) are perfect for Harry Potter fans this Christmas, oh and they are on point for the blue Christmas trend too.

7. Take a trip to the forest

blue toadstool Christmas decoration from M&S

Enchanted forest / woodland-inspired decorations are in all the shops at the moment and this little beauty kills two birds with one stone, giving a nod to both woodland and blue Christmas trends.

8. Use blue napkins for a blue Christmas tablescape

blue embroidered cotton napkins

These gorgeous napkins are from the M&S X FIRED EARTH collab and they could be used all year round making them great value. I always try to steer clear of fabrics with a festive pattern as it limits the use so much for the rest of the year. The embroidery is very delicate and a lovely detail.

9. Light up a beautiful blue candle

William Morris blue candle

Candles are cosy and festive - fact. These lovely William Morris candles are so on trend for interiors generally with their beautiful patterns and come in a gorgeous gift box so you could gift them as well. You'll definitely want to keep one, though as they are a great price.

10. Style with blue candle holders

If the classic candles and decorations we've look at aren't your thing, then these candle holders give the blue Christmas trend a modern twist - literally.

Blue twisted candle holder

They say,” Give your table settings an extra dash of character with this small-sized candle holder. It's crafted from metal, with a sturdy round base and a twirly stem. A matte finish brings a contemporary look. Pair with the medium twirly candle holder.”

Blue modern candleholder

Modern minimalist scandi influenced candle holder. 

11. Rock a blue jumper for the festivities

Blue jumper embellished

Why stop at a plain blue jumper when M&S are selling ones embellished with sequins?!

They say, "Get set to sparkle with this cosy jumper by Sosandar. It's made in a regular fit with a lightweight yet warm feel, plus a classic crew neck and neat ribbed trims. This playful piece has a sequin-embellished bow running across the chest, over the shoulder and around the back – your party style, all wrapped up."

I say... BRB, I'm just off to M&S!

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