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12 tea and coffee bar organiser ideas you'll love

Updated: Apr 30

All the inspo you need for a coffee station of dreams

modern minimalist white concrete tea and coffee bar
My DIY IKEA hack coffee bar

Coffee bar organiser ideas to help you create a coffee bar with style and substance. I love a tea and coffee bar or station in a kitchen; in fact, I created one from an IKEA hack in my own kitchen last year, as they are a functional feature as well as a stylish focal point. Creating a cozy coffee nook in your small kitchen or dining room is a great way to kickstart your morning routine. 

Here are some bar ideas for small spaces that tea and coffee lovers will adore along with some expert tips on how to make them work in your space. 

Coffee bar organiser ideas to elevate your storage & organisation

A good tea and coffee station isn't just about having somewhere to store your coffee necessities, the key to success is to create a feature that draws your eye in and makes you want to reach for the coffee mugs to indulge in some precious you-time. The good news is that it's easy to make a DIY coffee station look aesthetically pleasing with a bit of thought and careful styling.

1. Dedicated Space

Designate a small corner of your kitchen counter or a console table in your dining room as your home coffee bar. Even a bar cart can serve as a perfect spot for your coffee essentials. If there is no wall or floor space available, dedicate a section on the worktop to your DIY coffee bar and be selective about what you keep out on display. Consider standing the tea and coffee-making essentials on a tray for easy cleaning and less chance of staining the worktops. 

2. Coffee machine love

If you have a fancy coffee machine or a stylish french press, make your espresso machine or coffee maker the focal point of your coffee bar. Place it in a convenient spot for easy access and add small items like cups, mugs and coffee pods around it for styling.

3. Storage Solutions

Utilize vertical space with open shelving or a coffee bar cabinet to store your coffee beans, mugs, and supplies. Glass jars are perfect for storing coffee beans while adding a touch of home decor. You can upcycle storage jars like I did on my upcycled pantry shelves. Keep coffee supplies like filters, sugar packets, and tea bags organized in small bins or baskets. This makes it easy to find everything you need during busy mornings.

4. Mug Displays

Showcase your favourite mugs on hooks or a mug rack to add personality to your coffee corner. It's a simple thing that can make a big impact. Stacking mugs on shelves can look stylish or consider hanging hooks under a shelf or hooks from a hanging utensil rail. If useful, I have a tutorial on how to create a faux antique brass hanging rail using a wooden dowel and spray paint. 

5. Consider Lighting

Ensure adequate lighting in the coffee bar area, especially if you're brewing coffee early in the morning or late at night. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting or a small lamp to brighten the space. Instagram is flooded with rechargeable cordless lamps styled in kitchens, a beautiful coffee bar station would be the perfect location for one. 

6. Add Personal Touches

Add your personal style to your coffee bar with artwork, bright colours, or natural materials. It's a great way to make your coffee corner feel like home.

Coffee station menu board

7. Menu Board

Create a DIY menu board to display your favourite coffee drinks, from pumpkin spice lattes to classic espresso shots. Bonus points for using upcycled wood and chalkboard paint for a rustic touch.

8. Compact Solutions

In a small kitchen layout, consider built-in or DIY projects to maximize space. A built-in coffee bar or clever storage solutions can make the most of limited cabinet space. You don't want to overload and clutter the space, so you might choose not to put all of your cups and mugs on display. Depending on how much space you have available, choose the cups and mugs that look best, this is a good time to throw any chipped, cracked or faded ones. 

9. Create an in-cupboard coffee station

A coffee cabinet is a great place to store your kitchen coffee bar because you can shut the door on it, making it more practical with increased storage potential compared to open shelves. Enclosed cabinets save on worktop and wall space and are very on trend at the moment as can be used for kitchen pantries too. 

10. Wall Space

coffee station in kitchen with glass shelves
Image credit: Cuisinart

Don't forget about wall space above your coffee bar. Hang shelves or artwork to add interest and make use of every inch of your small kitchen or dining room. Open shelves are great for styling, but you do have to pay attention to how you arrange items as they can look messy if cluttered up. Glass shelves work well for kitchen storage as they allow the light through helping the space feel light and airy. 

11. Utensil Holder

open kitchen shelving with coffee station
Image credit: Cuisinart

Keep coffee spoons, stirrers, and measuring scoops in a utensil holder or small jar for easy access.

12. Bifold doors

Bi-fold doors on kitchen cabinets save space and allow you to display beautiful items too. This is a great way to house your tea and coffee station as you can opt to have the bifold doors open or closed and either way will look fab.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or simply enjoy a good cup of joe, these coffee bar ideas for small spaces offer plenty of ways to create your dream coffee corner without breaking the bank.

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