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Luxury Garden Furniture on a Budget: Designer Dupes are your friend!

Updated: Apr 30

Get that garden summer-ready in no time!

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Sourcing luxury garden furniture on a modest budget can be challenging, so I'm here to help you create an outdoor oasis in your own backyard without too much of a dent in your bank account. Once the furniture is sorted, it's over to you to unwind and connect with nature - the perfect way to relax and make the most of the good weather.  

One key element in transforming your outdoor area into a luxurious retreat is selecting the right outdoor furniture. While the term "luxury" may conjure visions of enormous price tags (regular readers will know that's not how we do things around here!!) , it's entirely possible to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. From upcycling to DIY, there are so many ways to save money on luxury garden furniture to transform your outdoor space. If you are time-poor or simply don't have the inclination for DIY and upcycling, then designer dupes might be just the answer you're looking for. 

How to Choose AFFORDABLE Luxury Garden Furniture

It's not all about finding the right price point; you also need to identify which summer classics are right for your outdoor living room. Hopefully, the following guide will inspire you... 

1. A Fabulous Fire Pit

Not only is a fire pit table a functional addition to your outdoor space, but it is also a stylish focal point and a great way to continue outdoor entertaining into the evening. On cool evenings, a fire pit provides warmth and ambience for outdoor gatherings.

Look for fire pit tables made from premium materials like stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum, offering both durability and modern aesthetics. With the right choice (like the £55 example shown above) you can enjoy the flickering flames and cosy atmosphere without compromising on style or budget.

Product dupe for: Love Island Fire Pit

2. Hanging Egg Chair

For the past few years, hanging egg chairs have been the hottest summer luxury garden furniture item and the trend doesn't look to be going anywhere. Good news, if you are considering adding a hanging egg chair to your outdoor lounge furniture collection.

These iconic chairs provide a comfortable and cosy spot to curl up with a book or simply unwind while enjoying the fresh air. At £150, this stunner represents a huge saving compared to the John Lewis hanging pod chair.

3. The Perfect Pizza Oven

We recently visited a National Trust house and gardens and there a mobile pizza van on site with a huge pizza oven which we obviously had to try! I couldn't believe how delicious the pizza was and how much of a difference the cooking method made to the taste.

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with a pizza oven, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying family pizza nights al fresco. While traditional brick pizza ovens can be costly, there are budget-friendly options available, such as portable pizza ovens.

4. Stylish Patio Furniture


If you are looking for a stylish patio set that won't break the bank then this beauty from B&Q could be just the ticket. It bears a strong resemblance to the stunning Cox & Cox Aruba set, but with a chunky saving of 77%!

If you are creating an outdoor seating area then you might be interested in my posts about Mulch vs pea gravel and Mulch vs bark.


5. Garden bench

A garden bench is a furniture staple, ideal for sitting with a cup of tea in the morning or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening. This brilliant bench is a dupe for the vastly more expensive HAY bench, saving you over £800!


As you can see, creating a luxurious outdoor oasis on a budget is entirely achievable with careful consideration and smart choices. By selecting the right luxury garden furniture that reflects your personal style, maximizing comfort and functionality, and incorporating affordable yet stylish elements like fire pits, hanging egg chairs, and pizza ovens, you can transform your outdoor area into a welcoming retreat where you can relax, unwind, and connect with nature.


How do I choose the right outdoor furniture?

When it comes to luxury outdoor furniture, the options are vast and can feel overwhelming. Whether you're looking for outdoor seating, dining sets, lounge furniture, or accessories like outdoor lighting and rugs, there's a variety of styles and materials to suit every taste and budget and scrolling through them all can result in decision paralysis (we've all been there right?!). I recommend setting up a Pinterest board to collate ideas that you like, and then thinking hard about how you anrd your family will use the space as this will help you determine what will work best.  

How important is comfort for outdoor furniture?

Comfort is key when it comes to outdoor living. Invest in outdoor sofas, lounge sets, and sun loungers that provide a comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment. Consider incorporating elements like fire pit tables or outdoor heating to extend the usability of your outdoor area into the cooler months, creating a cozy ambiance for gatherings with friends and family. You obviously want the area to look great, but it's much more important that you can relax and enjoy the area so comfort is not to be overlooked. 

How do I choose luxury garden furniture for a small garden or outdoor space?

For small spaces, opt for corner sofa sets or chair sets that maximize seating without overwhelming the area and can fit back against the perimeter. Don't forget to add a personal touch with accessories like outdoor umbrellas, side tables, and outdoor coffee tables. Modular furniture can be useful as it allows you to move sections around to best suit the requirements at the time and flexibility is really useful for entertaining in small spaces. 

How do you create that indoor/outdoor living vibe?

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home, so it's essential to infuse it with your personal style. Choose furniture that complements the aesthetics of your indoor living spaces while embracing the natural elements of the great outdoors. That way, you can transition seamlessly between the two spaces, and everything will flow beautifully.

Where next?

Summer gardens have become a bit of a theme on the blog lately. Initially, we looked at what steps to take to get your garden summer-ready, and then we explored summer garden trends. I've also shared a number of posts about how to make the most of your outdoor space by adding features like garden path lighting, creative garden path ideas, decking ideas to consider for sloped gardens. We've also looked at fence and privacy screen ideas for overlooked gardens and outdoor spaces and ways to incorporate a rockery for texture and interest.

Below are some garden-related DIYs you might find interesting or useful...

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