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Take an ONLINE COURSE & learn my home styling secrets!

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My 'bespoke on a budget' projects have been featured in...

Who are your DIY & home styling for beginners courses for?

The courses are for anyone who wants to learn my money-saving 'bespoke on a budget' approach to home interiors for updating your home with simple DIYs and creative home styling projects, upcycling and styling with flowers

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Want to...

Feel CONFIDENT and inspired to update your home interiors, even on a modest budget.

Learn exactly how to plan and execute a successful room makeover from scratch

Feel INSPIRED to style your home with flowers & foliage on a tiny budget.

Learn how to tackle an UPCYCLE PROJECT for your home.

Get simple DIY tutorials, tool tips and DIY project inspiration

...then you need my DIY & Home Styling courses!

What are the courses about?

The complete course teaches you my ‘Bespoke on a budget’ method, an easy-to-follow DIY approach to creative home interiors. Or you can buy the 4 modules as individual mini-courses about...

- Creative Home Styling on a Budget
- DIY for beginners

- Easy upcycling

- Floral home styling on a budget

They are all suitable for beginners, self-paced and accessed through my website, giving you total flexibility. 

What do you get?

Budget stretching strategies for planning and executing home interior projects

Tutorials for sourcing & styling with flowers & foliage on a shoestring budget

Money-saving tips and tricks for DIY, decorating, upcycling and home styling

Enjoyable tasks to build confidence while practising the new skills you’ve learnt

My go-to sources for preloved or affordable homeware and DIY materials

Landlord-friendly room makeover ideas for rentals.


I love saving money and I'm PASSIONATE about DIY & home styling. Over the past 15 years I've saved thousands renovating, decorating and styling properties.


I'm the go-to DIY expert for some of the leading interiors magazines and regularly share my DIY and home styling advice in the National Press.


I've spent years developing my six-step, 'bespoke on a budget' approach to home interiors and after realising how many people feel a bit lost when it comes to decorating and styling their homes, especially when money is tight, I knew I could help.  


I packed all my money-saving tips, tricks and techniques into these affordable, easy-to-follow, self-paced online courses.

I hope you enjoy them!

Claire x

The complete course comprises four modules... or you can buy them individually

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1. Creative Home Styling on a budget

Money-saving techniques, getting creative with materials. Quick fixes. Rental room transformations. Ideas & inspiration. 

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3. Easy Upcycling

How to find upcycling projects.Tips and tricks for customising furniture. Easy upcycle projects.

2. Simple DIY 

Money-saving strategies, mistakes to avoid. DIY tips, tricks & hacks. Creative decorating ideas.Toolbox recommendations.

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4. Home styling with flowers & foliage

Sourcing techniques including foraging, shopping your garden & supermarket flowers. Embracing foliage & home styling ideas and inspiration.

What will you learn?
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Yes! The course has a section focusing on rental-friendly decor. Renters can also use the tips and tricks for styling, foraging, DIY & crafting as they are all scalable and transferable to most property types.

I rent, can I still do this course?


Do I need any DIY experience?

No previous DIY experience is required. This course is an introduction to DIY & home styling; detailed explanations are provided for each of the case studies and there is a section on DIY tips and tricks to help get you started. 

Money's tight so I'd rather buy homeware than a course!

If you complete the course & adopt my 'bespoke on a budget' method, the course will pay for itself in the savings you make on future projects & purchases. As an extra bonus I've secured some exclusive discount codes from well-known brands, guaranteeing you some savings on DIY materials & homeware.

What if I don't enjoy the course?

I've put a lot of love into creating this course & I hope you'll get a lot out of it.

However, I offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee. If you start the course and find it's actually not for you then I'll give you a full refund straight away. 

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