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Don't miss these inspiring summer garden trends

Updated: 5 days ago

The hottest summer garden trends you can easily adopt in your own backyard.

Summer garden trends

In recent years, the biggest garden trends have seen a shift towards sustainable practices and a focus on resilient plants in response to the changing climate. Gardeners are increasingly turning to native plants and water-wise species to create vibrant and eco-friendly gardens. Vertical gardening has emerged as a great way to maximize limited space in urban areas, allowing gardeners to grow their own food and create lush green walls that not only beautify the surroundings but also support local wildlife.

In this blog post, we are going to look ahead to Summer 2024, and we are lucky to have expert help from Molly Woodward-Moor, Creative director at Stone Superstore, who is going to share all her tips and advice about the Summer garden trends that are already emerging and will likely be huge.

Spoiler alert: anticipate a continued emphasis on sustainable gardening practices and the integration of native species into garden designs. From cottage gardens brimming with fragrant plants to modern urban spaces featuring sleek, water-wise designs, there's no shortage of ways to express creativity and connect with nature in our outdoor havens. With a focus on environmental impact and resilience, the latest garden trends reflect a growing appreciation for the beauty and importance of green spaces in our daily lives.

Alfresco Entertaining Trend

Alfresco entertaining has emerged as a big trend in garden design, with people seeking new ideas to make the most of their outdoor living spaces. Whether it's a small garden in the front yard or a spacious outdoor haven in the backyard, gardeners are incorporating focal points like water features and ornamental grasses to create inviting environments for social gatherings.

Molly Woodward-Moor says, "With the cost of eating out continuing to rise, we're increasingly looking to create our own spaces of ‘at-home luxury’ to find these moments of escapism or ways to entertain friends and family. Outdoor kitchens and built-in barbeque areas are becoming a popular consideration within people’s garden design checklist, along with firepits, pizza ovens, counter space, and even wine/beer fridges."

"To create an inviting and stylish outdoor cooking or dining area that you will want to spend time using, it’s important to factor in practicality. Overhead garden structures, such as pergolas and awnings, have started to re-trend over recent years, offering shelter from the temperamental British weather while providing a sense of enclosure and much-needed privacy," she continues.

Container gardening has become the easiest way to introduce new varieties of plants while conserving water and promoting soil health, catering to both greenthumbs and those new to gardening. With mocktail gardens and pollinator-friendly plants becoming top garden trends in the past year, alfresco entertaining offers a fantastic way to connect with nature and the gardening community while expressing creative flair in colour schemes and outdoor decor.

"When it comes to functionality, opting for a durable and easy-to-clean flooring material, such as porcelain paving tiles, is a must-have for exterior dining areas, ensuring food and drink spills are easy to clean without marking your external flooring. For those looking to take their design creativity to the next level, try incorporating patterned paving into your patio to zone the dining seating area from the rest of your garden area," is Molly's advice.

As people embrace outdoor living, alfresco entertaining is set to continue as the biggest trend in garden design for the new year, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Rewilding Summer Garden Trend

In 2024, rewilding is emerging as a popular trend in garden design, reflecting a shift towards creating naturalistic and wildlife-friendly outdoor spaces. Gardeners are dedicating much time and effort to transforming their outside spaces into havens for biodiversity while promoting water conservation and sustainability.

Molly says this trend is "ideal for low-maintenance gardeners. The rewilding trend is a sustainable gardening approach that encourages wildlife and pollinators to thrive, immersing our space with nature in a grounding and authentic way."

Rewilding principles are seen in the adoption of tapestry lawns and gravel gardens, which require less water and maintenance compared to traditional turf lawns. Water-wise plants are favoured for their ability to thrive in arid conditions, while fruit trees and herb gardens contribute to both the ecosystem and culinary delights.

Rewilding gardens provide a great place for relaxation and contemplation, offering a refreshing alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban life. With a focus on soil conditions and habitat restoration, rewilding gardens are set to make a significant impact, as showcased in events like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Molly shares these tips for embracing this summer garden trend, "From growing flowers, incorporating shelter for wildlife to using natural stone materials, it’s about making smart design choices that benefits wildlife within your outdoor space. This trend encourages scattering native wildflower seeds into your planting beds to benefit local wildlife, that in turn creates a vibrant and romantic ambience to your garden that is also very low maintenance. Additionally, reducing lawn mowing and introducing home composting works well here to enrich the soil with valuable nutrients in an easy way."

Urban Gardens Trend

Urban gardens are gaining momentum as a summer garden trend for 2024, reflecting the growing interest in green spaces within urban environments. With limited space available, vertical gardening and container gardening are becoming popular methods for maximizing outdoor areas. These urban oases not only add beauty to cityscapes but also provide opportunities for residents to grow their own food, fostering a deeper connection to nature in bustling urban settings.

Molly advises, "More people are seeking to transform their outdoor space into their own sanctuary where they can nurture plants, grow home produce, and relax. The key to designing an urban terrace or balcony is to maximise the space you have available. Most people tend to overlook exterior walls however, creating a vertical garden will allow you to incorporate colour and nature into a small space."

"You can utilise exterior walls with the use of hanging planters, wall-mounted shelving and even using patterned tiling to add colour and dimension to the space. Additionally, outdoor mirrors work particularly well for this trend, giving the illusion of a larger area whilst also brightening up your space," Molly continues.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Trend

sliding patio doors opening onto modern paved patio area
Image credit: Stone Superstore

Outdoor/indoor living is not a new trend but is one that continues to grow each summer and summer 2024 looks to be the same. Driven by the desire to merge natural elements with interior spaces in response to changing climates and the need for sustainable gardening practices. Incorporating native plants and resilient species into both outdoor spaces and indoor environments creates a harmonious connection with the local ecosystem while enhancing mental well-being.

Molly says, "The positive health and wellness effects of nature are undeniable, and we’re continuing to blur the boundaries between our indoor and outdoor spaces to optimise these benefits. Look to create seamless transitions with large sliding doors, continuous floors of indoor outdoor tiles and flowing colour palettes to visually link these spaces.

The boundaries between our interior and exterior living spaces will become even more blurred as we continue to invite nature into our homes, yet also begin to apply the ‘rules’ of home design to our outdoor areas – seeing these areas as an ‘additional room’ of our properties."

From vertical gardening installations to green walls adorned with fragrant plants, this trend reflects a growing interest in bringing the beauty of the natural world into everyday life, blurring the boundaries between indoor comfort and outdoor haven.

"From patterned rugs and trendy cushions to decorative lighting or lounge chairs, the separation between furniture being suitable for sole indoor or outdoor use is diminishing. These versatile pieces are a great way of letting your personality spill into your outdoor lounging spaces, that feels just as cool and cosy as your interior," says Molly.

Mediterranean Escapism summer garden trend

Mediterranean patio area with dining table and bush
Image credit: Stone Superstore

Mediterranean escapism as a summer garden trend for 2024 embodies the yearning for relaxation and serenity inspired by the idyllic landscapes of the Mediterranean region. This trend incorporates elements such as terra cotta, vibrant colours reminiscent of sun-drenched shores, and lush greenery evocative of Mediterranean flora.

Here are Molly's tips on how to embrace this Sumer garden trend in 2024:

  • Think refined, sophisticated style with a mix of tactile features and soft, warm neutrals in your paving tiles or furniture selections.

  • While sandstone or limestone paving provides an unmatched sense of traditional charm, antique effect porcelain tiles offer a result of engineered perfection: recreating the subtle tumbled edges and antiqued surface of natural stone, combined with the practicality of modern porcelain.

  • For more of a contemporary take on these Mediterranean patio trends, break up large areas of expansive paving by interlaying gravel or grass between your slabs to create a smart, stepping-stone-style pathway that feels super chic.

Keep an eye out for these garden trends too...

Edible gardens

With more people spending time outdoors cultivating their own food. From herb gardens to food forests, there's a growing interest in incorporating edible plants into outdoor spaces, not only for their practical benefits but also for their mental health benefits.

Pollinator gardens

Pollinator gardens have also taken centre stage, as gardeners strive to create habitats that support bees, butterflies, and other essential pollinators, contributing to the preservation of the natural world while adding beauty to their garden space.

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