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How to make your own easy DIY moss living wall

Updated: 5 days ago

wood framed moss living wall
Image credit: Dowsing and Reynolds

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, creating a serene living space that resonates with the benefits of nature has become increasingly desirable. A DIY living moss wall is not just a creative project; it's a therapeutic journey that brings the outdoors inside, transforming your living room into a tranquil and relaxing space (& who doesn't want one of them?!). I'm really focused on decluttering and being mindful of what I put into rooms at the moment.

This in-depth guide will take you through every step of the process, utilizing various types of moss, including sheet moss, mood moss, and real moss. Discover how a DIY living moss wall can be the perfect touch of nature your living space needs, offering both aesthetic appeal and well-being benefits.

You will need:

  1. Different types of moss, eg sheet moss and mood moss

  2. Preserved moss: Opt for preserved moss for longevity and to maintain vibrant colors.

  3. Natural reindeer moss: Add this moss variety for extra texture and visual interest.

  4. Staple gun: Essential for securing the moss to your chosen frame.

  5. Wooden frame: Select a moss frame that complements your living room décor and provides a sturdy base from the back of the frame. Use my tutorial on how to make a frame with a mitre box for advice on making a DIY one.

  6. Air plants: Integrate air plants to enhance the green wall aesthetic and improve air quality.

  7. Spray bottle / plant mister: Use for misting moss to maintain humidity levels and support healthy growth.


Step 1: Preparation

Choosing the right moss wall frame is the foundation of your DIY living moss wall. Consider the size, style, and colour to complement your living room (or the room you have chosen to house your mossy creation). If the frame doesn't have a backing, add a sturdy board to support the moss. This frame will be the canvas for your living wall masterpiece. I've seen people use a cork backing for flexibility which might add a little extra cost but will be natural and beautiful.

Step 2: Arrange your moss

Now comes the creative part – selecting and arranging your moss. Combine sheet moss, mood moss, and preserved moss to create a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement. Experiment with different colors and textures to find the perfect blend that suits your aesthetic. Lay out the moss on the frame to plan the design before attaching it.

Step 3: Attach your moss

Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, secure the moss to the frame using a staple gun. Start from one corner and work your way across, ensuring an even distribution and a tight fit. Pay extra attention to the edges to achieve a polished and professional look. This step is the backbone of your living moss wall.

Step 4: Integrate air plants and natural reindeer moss

Air plants for a diy living moss wall

Enhance your green wall by incorporating air plants and natural reindeer moss. Air plants not only add visual interest but also contribute to improved air quality. Natural reindeer moss provides additional texture and a touch of wilderness to your DIY moss wall art. Strategically place them amidst the moss panels for an organic and harmonious composition.

Step 5: Ongoing maintenance

Moss thrives in environments with moderate humidity levels, making regular misting crucial for its health and vibrancy. Use a spray bottle or plant mister to mist the moss, especially if your living room is dry.

Another good idea is to position your DIY moss wall in an area that receives natural light. While moss can tolerate low-light conditions, exposure to natural light will contribute to its overall well-being.

Exploring different types of moss to add colour

Dive deeper into the world of moss by exploring various types and colours. Sheet moss, mood moss, and real moss each bring unique characteristics to your living wall. Experiment with shades of green, ranging from vibrant hues to more muted tones, to create depth and visual interest. The diversity in moss types and colours allows you to customize your DIY project, making it a truly personal and unique addition to your living space.

Crafting moss wall panels for added versatility:

To enhance the versatility of your DIY moss wall, consider creating moss wall panels that can be easily affixed to the back of your wooden frame. These panels not only simplify the installation process but also allow for experimentation with different moss types and colors. Use a staple gun to secure the moss panels, ensuring a secure fit and a polished finish. As previously suggested, cork makes a great backing for a moss panel.

Harness the benefits of nature

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, a DIY living moss wall offers numerous benefits for your living space. Improved air quality is one of the significant advantages, as moss can filter and purify the air. Integrating air plants further enhances this air-purifying property, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Additionally, a green wall (as seen in dark green living room ideas and my green wall paint post) has been linked to reduced stress levels and increased feelings of well-being, making it a holistic addition to your home.

Create DIY moss living wall art

Transform your living room into an art gallery by creating a live moss wall that captures the essence of the outdoors. Combining different moss types, textures, and colours creates a dynamic visual experience that evolves over time. Your DIY living moss wall becomes a living, breathing piece of art that engages the senses and adds a touch of whimsy to your home. I have previously experimented with living wall art and it creates a talking point for guests another benefit to getting creative. You can recreate a landscape with your moss living wall art by adding in texture from other natural and rustic materials to look like rivers, streams, trees and bushes.

Craft the frame to your artwork from moss

Take your DIY moss wall to the next level by crafting moss frames. Use natural reindeer moss to frame individual moss panels or sections, adding an extra layer of dimension and visual interest. This step elevates the overall aesthetics of your living moss wall, creating a sophisticated and polished finish.

Optimise humidity

Moss thrives in environments with moderate humidity levels. While regular misting helps, consider placing a humidifier in the room to maintain optimal conditions for your moss. Monitoring humidity levels is especially crucial if you live in an area with high temperatures, as moss can become dehydrated more quickly.

How to introduce DIY moss living wall art into your room

Now that you've mastered the art of creating a DIY living moss wall, it's time to think about the best way to introduce it into your living room. Consider the existing décor, color scheme, and overall ambiance of the space. A strategically placed living moss wall can serve as a focal point, creating a harmonious balance between nature and interior design. Whether it's a prominent display above the sofa or a subtle addition to a corner, let your living moss wall seamlessly integrate with your living room's aesthetic.

Vertical living wall gardens

Expand your DIY moss wall project by exploring the concept of vertical gardens. Incorporate living plants alongside the moss to create a stunning vertical garden that brings life and vibrancy to your living room. This combination of greenery adds a layer of complexity to your DIY project, turning it into a botanical masterpiece.

Buy a DIY moss living wall kit

For those looking for a convenient and comprehensive solution, moss wall kits offer a hassle-free way to embark on a DIY project. These kits typically include various types of moss, a wooden frame, and sometimes even air plants. Investing in a moss wall kit ensures that you have all the essential materials in one package, streamlining the crafting process and allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your living moss wall.

Crafting your DIY living moss wall allows you to curate a unique style that seamlessly integrates with your interiors. The versatility of indoor moss walls is brilliant and the moss plants can fit into various frame sizes, from large statement pieces to smaller picture frames, making them adaptable to any space. An important note to consider is that while direct contact with high humidity is essential for most moss varieties' well-being, choosing the right kind of moss that thrives in indoor environments is crucial as not all moss will appreciate being on your living room wall!

Moss kits, readily available in craft stores, DIY stores or Amazon, are an easy way to experiment with different varieties of moss, ensuring that your DIY project is not only an easy and enjoyable activity but also requires little maintenance (for someone like me who is the opposite of green-fingered when it comes to plants, this sounds ideal.)

moss living wall kit

moss living table centrepiece

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