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Dark green wall paint ideas 

Updated: May 27

Looking for dark green wall paint? Read this!

I’m a little obsessed with dark green wall paint at the moment. I’ve always loved using green wall paint in my home interiors and have my go-to shades like Farrow and Ball Pigeon, Farrow and Ball Bancha and Decorating Centre Online’s own shade, Deep Breath. You can see examples of where I’ve used these below. 

fireplace with green paint
interior rooms with green paint
Bancha / Deep breath

Although I love each of the above shades, I have some living room and stairs painting projects planned and have been hankering after a darker, cosier vibe than the lighter hues of these green wall paints, so I’ve made many a trip to local DIY stores lately and have (annoyingly) racked up quite a bill in tester pots. I couldn’t work out what was going wrong, I did my research into dark green living room ideas I planned the schemes with lighter, neutral colours so as to complement the main darker shade - I thought about which way the room was facing and I found lots of examples of where the shade had been used in similar scenarios but I kept messing up! 

What went wrong with green wall paint samples?

dark green wall paint samples
Paint samples

I’d get home with the latest batch of dark green wall paint tester pots, excitedly paint pieces of card and put them on the radiator to dry. I’d love the colour as it went onto the card but then I’d tape them onto the walls I plan to paint and for one reason or other it just wouldn’t work!

After this had happened with about five different shades, I thought that maybe the tester cards I’d painted weren’t large enough, or perhaps the dark green wall paint looked different because it was on the card and not on the wall, or maybe the current wall colour was affecting how I felt about the tester so I’d get out a paintbrush (you can see where this bad plan is heading!) and slap a load on the wall, only to find (unsurprisingly) that it still didn't work and now I had to paint over the patch - argh!

dark green wall paint on stairs
Treron in progress

Long story short, I found the perfect dark green wall paint today and much to my relief, Mr D likes it too. To celebrate, I used up the tester pot on the walls, but of course, the pot was tiny and now I have a large patch of (lovely) dark green wall paint on the wall and urgently need to get to the DIY store to get a large tin mixed up. 

I thought if I wrote a blog post sharing all my newly acquired knowledge of dark green wall paint, then it would make the huge sum of money spent more like an investment in market research rather than a terrible waste of money by a very indecisive person!

Which dark green wall paint?

Farrow & Ball - Pigeon

Pigeon is a beautiful grey-green. Changes a lot depending on the light so will look different throughout the day varying from sage to grey.

Little Greene - Invisible Green

Invisible green is a very deep dark green that packs a punch. Looks fab on woodwork and walls of built-ins.

Little Greene - Pompeian Ash

Pompeian Ash is a very dark grey-green that looks great when colour-drenched in tall rooms.

Farrow & Ball - Treron

Treron was my chosen hue. It has a muddy-brown base and varies dramatically depending on the amount and type of light.

I'll pop back and share pictures when I've finished the painting project.

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