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20 creative and inspiring welly boot rack ideas

Updated: Feb 21

If you're looking for welly boot rack ideas, you're in the right place. Welly boots are practical and essential for outdoor pursuits like muddy walks in the country. But pairs of wellies can be bulky and untidy if left lying around making wellie boot racks essential for an organised and tidy home. 

As usual with an 'ideas' blog post, I've done the research to save you time and effort. I've found welly boot rack storage solutions for every style and budget and have found space-saving and money-saving ideas for indoors and outdoors from lightweight and decorative to heavy duty. 

20 welly boot rack storage solutions

I love creative ideas, home DIYs and upcycle projects, so I've tried to find a variety of these to include in this round-up of Wellington boot storage. Let's take a look at 20 creative welly boot rack storage ideas...

well boot rack storage outdoor wall-mounted
Image credit: A Place for Everything

1. Wall-mounted welly boot rack with cover

First up is a wall-mounted boot rack complete with a handy cover to protect from the elements. This outdoor storage solution is ideal for homes without a separate boot room or mud room and limited indoor storage space. Making use of an exterior wall to house the welly rack saves indoor space and can create a stylish and functional garden feature by your back door. Paint the wall-mounted welly house in a colour that complements the space using a suitable paint like exterior wood paint (like I did with the DIY wheelie bin store) or all-surface paint. 

2. Wooden welly boot store with sloping roof

This wooden welly boot house is stylish and practical. Being free-standing, it's portable, giving you the flexibility to move it around and being wooden means it has a rustic and natural appeal. You could paint or stain this type of welly boot store to help it blend in or stand out depending on your preference. This kind of store would be easy to DIY using constructional timber and cladding strips. 

welly boot rack storage
Image credit: Ella James

3. Circular vertical welly boot rack

To minimise the floor space taken up by a welly boot stand, opting for a compact design like this circular one is a great idea. This design adds a touch of class with its black metal accents and simple shape.

4. Electric dryer welly boot rack

These welly boot racks have built-in electric dryers to help dry wet boots quickly and efficiently. Ideal for very wet or muddy boots, an electric boot drying rack packs a powerful punch.

5. Boot butler boot storage

A boot butler is a space-saving, handy hanging rack for multiple pairs of boots. Ideal for large families with numerous boots to dry and store.

6. DIY bench with built-in boot storage

This simple DIY bench with built-in boot storage hooks is pretty genius. Requiring few materials, this is an achievable DIY to house many pairs of wellingtons even for those with modest DIY skills and would be a great project to repurpose timber offcuts for. Don't forget to treat the wood if the boot storage bench will live outside, using a wood stain or paint to preserve it. 

7. Golf club boot storage

This upcycle project is so creative and inventive and demonstrates how you can use unexpected household items to create useful wellington boot storage. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to projects like this. The perfect material could be in a drawer or cupboard waiting to be repurposed. 

8. Welly boot rack ladder

A welly boot rack ladder is an unusual method of storing boots, but makes an undeniably eye-catching welly boot rack (especially when painted in a vibrant hue like the bold blue shown in the image). If treated, this type of welly holder could be fixed to an outside wall or alternatively would work in a utility room. 

9. Diagonal metal welly boot rack

A welly boot rack with diagonal metal boot holders is portable and practical and would make the perfect addition to the space outside your front door. By storing the boots at an angle, you can put the posts closer together, meaning the stand is slightly narrower than if the boots were vertical and side-by-side. 

10. Hanging welly boot rack with foldable hooks

This welly boot rack has handy fold-out storage hooks that can be folded up when not in use storing boots. This is a practical design that would suit a rustic or industrial-style home with the pairing of wood and metal. 

11. Portable Boot storage tray

These wellie holders could be fashioned from an outdoor wooden trolley and come with a drip tray to catch any water or mud that may drip from the boots, keeping the floor clean and are on wheels for convenience and portability. 

12. Freestanding multi-level welly boot rack

A metal freestanding multi-level boot rack would usually be suitable for outdoor conditions and comes in a range of sizes to house a few to many wellington boots. 

13. Welly boot rack with brush

Some welly boot racks feature an integrated brush to easily clean muddy boots before storage. A built-in brush is a great way to save getting your hands dirty. You can steady the wellie rack with one foot while you clean the boot on the other foot. 

14. Welly boot rack with built-in boot jack

Welly racks with built-in boot jacks are super helpful when it comes to removing muddy boots, as they save getting your hands dirty. This kind of wellington boot storage rack is brilliant if you take regular muddy walks or have kids who love jumping in muddy puddles. 

welly boot rack storage
Image credit: Olive and Barr

15. Wellington boot storage in boot room

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated boot room to store your rubber boots you have the opportunity to make it super stylish by adding rustic decor and accessories as well as your welly stands. 

16. Exterior wall-mounted wrought iron welly rack

Mounting your welly boot rack on an exterior wall frees up interior space and can create a stylish feature if you opt for a decorative design, as shown. To be suitable for outdoor use, an exterior wellington boot rack needs to be made from a durable material like wrought iron or treated wood. Add shoe rack storage to your welly boot rack for maximum value. 

17. Multi-level wellie boot rack

Racks with multiple levels or tiers provide efficient use of vertical space, especially in compact areas.

18. Metal pipe wellie boot rack

Easy DIY or great upcycle/repurpose project. Metal pipes are a great material to construct a welly boot rack from, as they are durable and versatile. Pipes come in all different sizes so there's sure to be one to fit your project. 

19. Pallet welly rack

Create a rustic welly rack using repurposed pallet wood. Attach hooks or pegs to hold the boots. Pallets are readily available and easy to adapt making them a great material to create a bespoke welly boot rack from. 

20. Upcycled tree branch boot holder

This idea for a welly boot rack really caught my eye. Not only is it a great storage solution for the many pairs of wellington boots owned by a family, but it's also a super cool artistic installation and imaginative feature. Make sure you pick a tree from sustainable sources and get decorating! Adding wooden dowels for hanging pegs is a great way to maximise boot storage if there aren't enough natural branches on the tree trunk.  

I hope you've found some of these ideas inspiring and useful, let me know in the comments if you try any of them. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page & hit the subscribe button to receive my monthly newsletter which is packed full of tutorials, updates and offers.

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I hope you've found some of these ideas inspiring and useful, let me know in the comments if you try any of them. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page & hit the subscribe button to receive my monthly newsletter which is packed full of tutorials, updates and offers.


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