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15 of the best shaker kitchen cabinet door styles 

Updated: Jun 10

The lowdown on shaker kitchen cabinet door styles for your kitchen

shaker kitchen cabinet door styles
Image credit: Armac Martin

Before we start with the details of why and how and look at the most popular choices for this traditional design style, we need to understand exactly what we are talking about when we refer to Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles. 

What is a shaker kitchen cabinet door?

Shaker-style doors are very common kitchen cabinet doors and are still a hugely popular choice due to their versatility and value for money.

Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles have definitely stood the test of time. Typically, a shaker door comprises the following design elements,

  • A flat recessed centre panel

  • A simple and unfussy square frame with a clean look

  • Clean lines and simple design with hardware such as a door handle to ensure functionality. 

Shaker doors are often referred to as ‘5-piece cabinet doors’ or a 'five-piece door' due to the addition of the four shaker panels around the outside edge of the cabinet door. 

With their timeless simplicity and versatility, Shaker-style cabinets seamlessly blend into various design aesthetics, from traditional style to modern design. In this blog post, we look at 15 distinct shaker kitchen cabinet door styles that showcase the evolution and adaptability of this classic design and demonstrate that there’s a type of shaker kitchen cabinet door to suit all styles and budgets. 

Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles
Image credit: Armac Martin

1. Traditional shaker cabinet doors

Starting with the classic traditional shaker cabinet doors, surely the epitome of simplicity and functionality. This style has gracefully stood the test of time, embodying the essence of traditional kitchens. Often found in kitchens and laundry rooms, these shaker cabinet doors can be made from entry-level or high-quality materials, depending on your budget. 

2. Shallow shaker cabinet door

The shallow Shaker cabinet door is a variation that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the classic shaker style. The reduced depth of the frame panels make this door a great option for those desiring a modern look while maintaining the timeless appeal of Shaker-style doors.

3. Slim Shaker Cabinet Doors

Embrace sleek minimalism with Slim Shaker Cabinet Doors. The shaker panel on this 5-piece door reminds me of the iconic IKEA OXBERG doors that accompany the BILLY bookcase as they are slim and narrow - a little like a picture frame. 

4. Fluted Shaker Style Cabinets

Fluted shaker doors are a modern twist on the classic shaker design as they incorporate fluted texture in the door's surface. Fluted MDF has been one of the big discoveries for me in 2023 and I've used it in many places around my home as I love the uniqueness it brings to a space. 

Shaker kitchen cabinet styles
Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens

5. Simple shaker kitchen cabinet styles

Simple shaker cabinetry is an undeniably classic style comprising straight lines and a recessed panel. Simple shaker kitchen cabinet doors can be made from affordable options such as MDF and highest quality mdf or can come in excellent quality uxury bespoke designs made from solid oak or similar they really are versatile. 

6. Wood-Effect Shaker Doors

If your budget won't stretch to solid oak (or another type of wood) bespoke carpentry, the good news is that most kitchen retailers offer shaker-style kitchen cabinets in wood effect. These doors are often wrapped in a material that is embossed with a wood-grain pattern aimed at giving the look of wood without the price. These wood-effect doors can be foil-wrapped or foil-wrapped and painted or even vinyl-wrapped. 

Shaker kitchen cabinet styles
Image credit: Armac Martin

7. Painted Shaker

You know I love a painting project and the option to put your stamp on your home with the transformative power of paint and painted shaker kitchen cabinet doors are the perfect way to do this. Customising your kitchen by selecting colours from your unique interior colour palette guarantees a cohesive look and often results in a more expensive look too. 

8. Natural Timber Shaker Cabinet Door

Quality solid wood kitchen cabinets last for years and are a sign of quality and craftsmanship. Investing in natural timber shaker cabinet doors and keeping the wood on show rather than painting can create a rustic look with bags of natural charm. 

9. T&G panelled shaker cabinet door

Explore the charm of tongue-and-groove detailing with the T&G Panelled Shaker Door, a delightful fusion of classic craftsmanship and Shaker simplicity.

10. Country or farmhouse

Take a trip to the country with the country or farmhouse shaker door featuring a grooved recess that adds a touch of rustic charm. This particular cabinet door conjures up images of fields as far as the eye can see from your kitchen window. 

11. DIY shaker door

I love DIY projects (in case you are a first-time reader, this blog is full of tips and tricks and completed projects), and DIY shaker cabinet doors are a great project for even DIY novices to try their hand at. Check out my DIY wardrobe doors blog for tips. 

12. Gloss shaker door

Elevate your kitchen's style with Gloss Shaker Doors. Gloss white shaker cabinets are easy to clean and bounce light around the room making your kitchen appear larger, although you don't have to be limited to white as gloss panel doors come in a variety of colors for a custom look. 

13. Handleless shaker door

Step into the future of kitchen design with Handleless Shaker Doors, marrying functionality and aesthetics with ease. Handleless upper cabinets create a sleek look (although, I'm a fan of removing upper cabinets where space and storage allow and have opted to do that in my kitchen revamp projects). 

14. Preloved shaker cabinet doors

Great for those on a tight budget, opting to buy a preloved kitchen is a great way to get high-quality shaker kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the original price. Buying second-hand shaker-style doors would also work for a laundry room or any room where you want a classic look. 

Shaker kitchen cabinet styles
Image credit: Higham Furniture

15. Glass panel shaker doors

The advantage of glass panel shaker cabinet doors is they can make a kitchen feel most spacious as your eye can travel to the back of the cabinet. They are great for adding style to a kitchen because you can display the cabinet's contents in an organised and attractive way. They are perfect for a perfectly styled tea and coffee station. The disadvantage is that you can't just chuck stuff out of the dishwasher and into the cupboard in a hurry and without being mindful of what you are putting where due to the glass doors. 

The benefits of different shaker kitchen cabinet door styles

​Now we've seen the various types of Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles, it's time to look at the benefits that they can bring to your kitchen. 

1. A timeless classic

There's no denying the enduring popularity of Shaker kitchen cabinet doors can be attributed to their classic design. The clean lines, square frames, and recessed panels evoke a sense of timeless elegance that transcends design trends.

2. Hugely versatile

A defining feature of Shaker cabinet doors is their versatility. Whether your kitchen leans towards a traditional or modern aesthetic, Shaker doors seamlessly integrate into both styles.

3. Customise with colour

As we have seen, Shaker doors provide an excellent platform for experimenting with materials and colours. Whether crafted from natural wood for a warm, rustic feel or painted in a sleek, contemporary hue, there's a cabinet door to suit almost everyone. Navy blue was a big kitchen trend a couple of years ago and I think warm, earthy tones will be big in 2024. Why not pick a new colour to revamp yours? I expect to see people experimenting with wood types next year as well due to the increase in interior designers embracing nature in their schemes. 

4. Changeable hardware

Another factor contributing to the widespread popularity of Shaker doors is the ease with which you can change up the hardware. The straightforward design accommodates a variety of knobs, handles, or pulls, meaning you can easily create a fresh look with little effort or budget. 

So there we have it; we've looked at the many variations of this most common door style, from contemporary designs to more traditional designs. The question is, in your dream kitchen, would you opt for one of these Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles or something different for your perfect cabinet door style? Let me know in the comments. 

I hope you've found this post useful and have got some ideas or inspiration to use for your own home. To receive my monthly newsletter scroll down to the very bottom of the page and hit the subscribe button.


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