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Sloped backyard decking ideas for sloping garden

Updated: May 31

Decking area outside bifold doors

I spent a lot of time looking for sloped backyard decking ideas for sloped gardens about six years ago when we tackled our back garden. We had a very sloped area immediately outside our back door and a long garden so we decided to sacrifice part of the lawn to build a deck over the most sloped section, making better use of the space. At the same time we had bifold door installed on the back of the house so the deck provided the perfect indoor/outdoor area and gave the impression of more space in the house too (much needed with our little house!)

Advice for backyard decking ideas for sloping garden 

Here's my advice on sloped backyard decking ideas, followed by a load of inspiration to help plan your exciting decking project. 

Don't panic! 

Transforming a steep slope into a stunning outdoor space can seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and a little creativity, it's a great way to make the most of your sloped backyard. 

Accentuate and improve

From elevated decks with seating areas to level terraces for flower beds and an amazing vegetable garden, there are endless possibilities to explore. Sloping garden ideas offer the perfect opportunity to create multi-level decks that not only address drainage issues but also provide different levels  - great for entertaining and creating an interesting and unique space. 

Add focal points

Consider adding features like water features, a backyard waterfall, or a fire pit as a focal point, and strategically placing seating walls or fence panels to define different areas and offer easy access. 

Mix up the materials

Using a variety of materials helps add texture and interest. Incorporating natural stone and timber decking can enhance the natural slope, while stone walls and retaining wall ideas help prevent soil erosion and add a finished look to the landscape. Whether you're aiming to build decks for an entertaining space or a play area, incorporating the right materials and employing strategic planning can turn your sloped yard into a beautiful garden setting with beautiful flowers, a rock garden, or even a wheelchair-accessible space. 

Sloped backyard decking ideas for sloping garden: Inspiration

With the right backyard ideas and a firm plan, your sloped backyard deck can become the perfect spot to enjoy sunny days and garden views or some people even take advantage of their sloped gardens by installing yard signs for business. Let's take a look at some inspirational projects…

Multi-level decking

Incorporating multi-level decking into your garden design is a great idea for a highly sloped garden as it allows you to make the most of the space without a gaping hole under a very elevated deck.

Decking dining area

Is there anything nicer than a beautiful alfresco dining area on a balmy summer's evening? Create one with this decked dining area. 

stepped decking for sloped garden
Image: B&Q

Stepped decking

Adding steps to your decking works well for a gentle slope as you can cover the space in 2-3 steps. 

decking under construction

Large deck with balustrades

Larger decking areas are one of these sloped backyard decking ideas for a sloping garden than are perfect for a seating area or extension to your living space. This size build will cost more and requires skilled install to ensure appropriate foundations etc but is worth the effort in the end. Check for local planning restrictions on elevated decks. 

Deck with sunken pool
Image: Canva

Deck with sunken pool

A sunken pool is a great choice for a sloped backyard decking idea if you have the climate to suit it or live in the UK and enjoy cold water therapy! 

Decking with slide
Image: Canva

Decking with slide 

What a fun one this sloped backyard decking idea is. Every child dreams of a built-in play area in their own back garden and I've seen examples that incorporate a slide and a climbing wall - amazing!

Decking with planters
Image: TerraFirma Landscapes London

Decked terrace with planters

Adding planters to your deck or to the adjacent space, as seen here, is a fantastic idea because it softens the hard edges and adds colour, texture, movement and even fragrance if you plant herbs and the like. 

I thought I'd share a little insight into the decking we plumped for in the end. It made a huge difference to the back of the house, and I've enjoyed growing roses and wisteria over the trellis and balustrades for softness, colour and privacy. Don't forget to check out my post on summer garden prep for tips on getting your garden ready for summer.


Here's the before...

sloped backyard before decking installed
sloped back garden before decking installed


Outside decking idea for sloped backyard
Decking area idea for sloped back garden

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