How to fake a real tree with a 'tree-vamp'!

Decorated Christmas tree with real foliage added and logs underneath
Ta-dah - the final results

I was really tempted to throw out this old artificial tree (below), as it was looking very sad indeed!

Wonky, tatty fake tree looking unloved
The very sad 'Before' pic

However...I felt bad about this tree going to the dump (sustainability, the environment, massive landfill issues, etc etc) so I set about trying to give it a new lease of life. I didn't want to spend any money in the process, so decided that garden foraging was the way to go. I've rather neglected our garden this year which worked in my favour for this project as it meant I had LOTS of winter foliage to cut for my tree-vamp!

I layered the real foliage into the tree in sections to give an ombre effect in both colour and texture, progress shots below...

Et voila! This was a super simple, but really effective glow up without spending any money or adding to landfill, I'm off to celebrate with a mince pie!

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