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The best baubles for Christmas 2023

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Looking for inspiration for baubles to decorate for Christmas with this year? 2023 has been busy so I thought I'd save you some time by trawling the shops and hunting down the best baubles for Christmas 2023 for this shopping guide. Pop over to my other posts to find out about the blue Christmas trend and how to make DIY marbled baubles with old nail polish.

Where can I buy the best baubles for Christmas 2023?

I've discovered all the trends for Christmas 2023 and tried to pick the best bauble for 2023 that I think you'll love. I've selected three well-known retailers across a wide price range to ensure there are options to suit all budgets. We have sustainable and eco-friendly decorations to fun and playful. From glitter to etched glass, jute, velvet and iron there are a wide selection of materials, shapes and sizes. I hope you love them.

The White Company

What can you say about The White Company at Christmas? Only that their products are iconic and recognisable. Words like captivating come to mind, simplicity in design, lots of rustic natural materials and strikingly beautiful. Many people associate The White Company with being really expensive and unaffordable but I was really impressed with the range of prices they offer with many styles and pieces retailing at very affordable prices like the hanging stars, for example, which are only £4 each.

This post contains affiliate links where I might make a small commission on successful purchases, this does not affect the price you pay & I'd never recommend a product I don't love or wouldn't buy myself.

I say: Comes in a gift box. Rustic jute string and pure white porcelain is a great pairing.

They say:

• Charming bird design

• Made from porcelain

• Features four different dove shapes

• Beautifully presented in a stylish white gift box

They say:

• Striking, large festive decoration

• Mouth-blown soda-lime glass with a ribbed texture

• Ideal for styling around the base of trees, or hanging from shelves

I say: It’s a mega bauble - the bauble to end all baubles! What a statement piece to style your mantel with. Obsessed.

iron and glitter star tree decoration
Image credit: The White Company

They say:

• Gorgeous silver-and-gold glitter design

• Made from iron and glitter

• Hung from velvet ribbon

I say:

Although elegant and delicate, this hanging star is 14cm wide- large enough to catch the light and not require many to make a statement.


Nkuku always have the best lifestyle images of their products. The settings and styling are ridiculously beautiful and their whole vibe is on point. I love that they are all about ethical interiors, so you can be sure you are buying eco-friendly materials handmade into stunning pieces using “traditional skills through fair and transparent relationships with our suppliers”. You are paying for high quality, so Nkuku is more expensive than the mass-produced products from some of the high street brands.

Therefore, if you’re on a small budget and you’re starting your Christmas decoration collection from scratch then you might want to go for a more pared-back aesthetic, investing in a few beautifully made statement decs that are timelessly elegant and will last you for years. Foraging for festive foliage and creating handmade Christmas mantle displays, festive tablescapes and handmade decorations to accompany your Nkuku purchases would be a great way to save money and further personalise your seasonal styling.

These are my top Nkuku Christmas bauble buys...

I say: Made from recycled glass & come in a variety of colours. Jewel-like, with family-heirloom vibes. Come in a beautiful glass jar - this product is based on the idea of a jar of sweets.

jewel-like hanging tree decorations from Nkuku
Image credit: Nkuku

They say: We use recycled glass to make these collections. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it is then crushed and melted down before being hand-blown or placed in moulds to create beautiful new products.

They say: “They are crafted entirely from hand-blown, clear recycled glass and have a stylish frosted design etched by hand. This low-impact process and our use of recycled glass means these baubles are as sustainable as they are beautiful.”

I say: These will take pride of place on your Christmas tree for years. Seriously beautiful.

They say: Each one has a different pattern which was hammered into the surface by hand. The artisans use methods that have remained unchanged for centuries.

I say: Super cute brass bells with chocolate brown velvet ties and exquisite hammered detailing.


M&S is reliable, affordable, and good value, and it always offers a range of Christmas themes to appeal to most homes this festive period. This year's Christmas offering is varied, covering themes from kitchen disco to opulent enchanted forests to traditional heritage so there really is something for everyone. I've picked fun pieces for this selection as they have done a great job of capturing the party spirit of the festive period.

They say: They're expertly crafted in a cool martini shape and filled with an array of vibrant beads, giving the illusion of liquid inside. For a glamorous look, the rim of the glass is elegantly rolled in glitter.

I say: These playful decorations will look elegant and stylish on your tree while giving a nod to party season.

They say: These multicoloured baubles bring extra sparkle to your Christmas tree. A shatterproof design ensures peace of mind.

I say: The glitter looks like hundreds and thousands, and this whole set has a confectionary vibe or a playful 80’s disco feel.

They say: crafted from speckled multicoloured glass in a selection of contemporary hues. They're embellished with glitter detailing to add extra sparkle and come complete with coordinating hanging loops.

I say: These are seriously beautiful. Perfect dotted around your tree backlit by twinkling fairy lights.

Blue Christmas trend for 2023

I had to add a quick mention of the blue Christmas trend for 2023

Turtle dove bauble in antique blue by Annabel James

turtle dove bauble in antique blue from Annabel James
Annabel James

This lovely turtle dove bauble in antique blue from Annabel James has a nostalgic feel about it and isn’t in the slightest bit futuristic like most of the blue Christmas trend. Interestingly, I read the following surprising stat about turtle doves on the Annabel James website, “Turtle Doves have sharply declined in the UK, by 98% in the past 50 years; now the largest population of nesting doves can be found in West Sussex thanks to the rewilding project at Knepp Castle.” If you buy this bauble you can impress visitors with your turtle dove-related knowledge this Christmas. 

Help from Harry Potter

If classic baubles were a bit too tame for you, why not embrace a little Christmas magic with the help of Harry Potter. These personalised light-up ravenclaw baubles (with your chosen name on the back) are perfect for Harry Potter fans this Christmas, oh and they are on point for the blue Christmas trend too.

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