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Black kitchen sinks: a comprehensive guide

Updated: Mar 8

Read this guide for the lowdown on black kitchen sinks

black kitchen sink
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I often get asked about my black kitchen sink so thought I’d share a quick post with the pros and cons (spoiler alert, it’s mainly pros & this is the second house I’ve put a black kitchen sink into as I’m such a fan!). I can only speak for my own experience, but I have had a black kitchen sink for over 10 years, so I can answer the FAQs. The black kitchen sink I have currently is a Cooke & Lewis black acrylic resin 1.5 bowl sink & drainer with a matte finish and the one in the last house was a matte black Franke 1.5 Bowl Granite Onyx Kitchen Sink.

Black kitchen sinks make a style statement and have many benefits from a practical perspective but as their popularity increases so too does the variety on offer which can make choosing the right sink overwhelming. Black granite sinks can be more expensive, but I remember getting a great deal in B&Q at the time so its a good idea to shop around when sourcing for modern kitchen designs. 

Types of black kitchen sinks

As I mentioned, we have experience of a black resin sink and a black granite sink, but there are other types as well. Here’s a quick rundown of some common back kitchen sink types.  

black glass kitchen sink
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1. Black glass kitchen sink

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black granite composite sinks These sinks are constructed from a combination of crushed natural granite stone and acrylic resins. They are known for their durability, resistance to scratches, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

black ceramic kitchen sink
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2. Black ceramic sink 

Ceramic is a durable material and ceramic sinks are known for being hardwearing, scratch and stain-resistant and easy to clean. Black ceramic kitchen sinks are no different and are definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a new black kitchen sink. 

black kitchen sink
Image credit: Balterley

3. Black fireclay sinks

I wasn’t aware of this type of sink until I started looking into other black kitchen sink types for this post, but it turns out they are quite common. (I’d love to hear from you if you have one and get some insider info on whether you’d recommend them). Fireclay sinks are made from a combination of clay and glaze. When finished with a black glaze, they offer a classic and elegant appearance and are easy to clean and durable. 

black kitchen sink
Image credit: Tap Warehouse

4. Black composite sinks

Some sinks are made from a combination of different materials, such as quartz, granite, or acrylic. These composite sinks often feature a black finish for a modern aesthetic and are the perfect choice for a modern look, durability and easy cleaning.

black kitchen sink
Image credit: Tap Warehouse

5. Black granite sinks

There are two types of granite sink, real granite, which are rare, expensive, very heavy and prone to chipping (but incredibly beautiful) and granite composite, which are essentially the same as the composite sinks we saw above as they are a mixture of granite or quartz with acrylic resin.

Benefits of a black kitchen sink

1. Sleek and modern

For me, nothing beats the bold choice and sleek contemporary look of black kitchen sinks as they create a focal point in a kitchen and the best black kitchen sinks are still quite an unusual feature as part of a kitchen makeover compared to white sinks. 

2. Versatile

Black sinks are versatile and can work well with different kitchen styles, whether you have a modern design, industrial, or traditional design. I’ve paired with both black and white worktops in the past and the sink blends in seamlessly with a black worktop and pops against a white one. 

3. Hides stains and scratches

A black kitchen sink is great at hiding minor scratches and stains. I was surprised at how brilliantly the black granite sink was at this, especially as I have a relative who had a white version of the same Franke sink at the same time and they had terrible trouble with tea stains and were regularly having to resort to cleaning hacks like rubbing dishwasher tablets into the stain while we getting away with it with little more than the bare minimum of cleaning effort.

4. Heat resistant 

Depending on the material they are made of, black kitchen sinks can be very good at being heat resistant, which is a great benefit to have in a kitchen environment. The last thing you want is to accidentally place a hot saucepan down onto the sink drainer and leave a burn mark. 

5. Long guarantee

I was impressed that the Cooke and Lewis sink came with a 15-year guarantee and even the Franke granite one came with a 2-year guarantee, giving peace of mind for a while after installation. I noticed that some of the Tectonite sinks come with a 50-year guarantee!

The downsides of a black kitchen sink

The only downside I can think of is that if you live in a hard water area and are prone to limescale aka hard water spots, then you can get a visible layer on the sink. It’s easily cleaned off with a regular wipe, but it's something to bear in mind. 

Maintenance tips for a black kitchen sink

A dark colour can be a practical choice; I avoid harsh chemicals generally in my cleaning routines as they just aren't needed and find that my favourite eco-cleaning products work fine to keep a black kitchen sink clean and haven’t needed to go above and beyond this with our kitchen cleaning routine. You should always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper care advice on cleaning and maintenance and some materials might require extra attention or specialist products. With natural stone, glass and ceramic sinks, it’s worth avoiding very abrasive cleaning sponges as they can scratch the sink's surface. 

Therefore, a soft cleaning sponge is best along with a multi-surface cleaner or gentle dish soap. I like to make my own eco-friendly cleaner with baking soda and warm water. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the sink’s surface and gently spread without pressing hard enough to scratch, this can then be rinsed off with hot water and any grease or grime will be gone and the sink lovely and clean, follow with a quick spray of white vinegar to remove the final traces of baking soda and ensure no bacterial growth or white marks left on the black kitchen sink. 

How much does a black kitchen sink cost?

The cost of a black kitchen sink varies dramatically depending on the material, the brand, the size and the style. Most retailers have an affordable option, especially at the moment as there are so many January sales in progress. If you are looking for a double bowl granite kitchen sink then this will set you back approximately £250 - £500 depending on where you get it from, whereas it's a different story for a granite composite kitchen sink as these come in much more affordably at £100-£250. Both the examples shown are more expensive than the stainless steel counterparts, which are available for well under £100 but as with most home renovation purchases, if your budget is limited, you need to decide where your priorities lie. If natural quartz is essential and you won't be happy to settle for a stone-like material, then the sink budget will need a boost. The great thing is that there is a world of choice out there these days, allowing you to be in control of the design decisions and the costs and you can often reach a compromise without sacrificing style. 

Kitchen design trends in 2024

As we are at the start of a new year, it’s tempting to look at the home interior trend predictions that people are making, although I would caveat that with a note to say while it’s interesting to see what trends might be on the horizon, when it comes to investment pieces like a kitchen sink don’t be too swayed with the trends and stick to something you really love. That way, you’ll be sure to still love it in a year or two when the trends have come and gone. You don't want to be left with a sink you hate because you jumped on a trend that wasn’t really your style. 

In 2024, lots of warm, dark colours are predicted in kitchens as well as mixed materials like natural stone, wood and marble. These trends lend themselves to accompanying a black kitchen sink, so I expect we’ll see more popping up. Remember, it's not just black kitchens that suit black sinks. I predict we’ll see lots of bold and dramatic kitchens with many a black kitchen sink to boot. 

How to style a black kitchen sink

With a black kitchen sink, you’ll need to buy a tap and kitchen sink accessories. I decided to opt for a brushed chrome tap by the company Grohe as they had good reviews, but you don’t have to stick to chrome or silver. You could pick a black tap to give a super sleek look or pick a brass or gold tap to stand out more. I opted for neutral colors and a unique look when it came to accessories, as I created a faux antique brass hanging rail with rustic wooden dishwashing tools hanging from it for aesthetic appeal more than practicality, if I'm honest. 

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Damila Mirka
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So stylinh yet minimalist. Love the design! The black color gives it a sense of luxury! seeing 212


Apr 10

This blog post has provided me with valuable insights and actionable advice. I will definitely be using some of your suggestions in my own work.

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