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Green tiles - how to use them in your interiors

Updated: 5 days ago

This post is all about green tiles. Green is becoming quite a theme in our house because although I love using neutrals in my interior colour palettes, I also lean on green. Green is such a calming colour, I guess because it’s deeply rooted in nature and is basically plants and trees in a paint tin! There are so many variations of green and it goes with so many other colours that it’s very easy to use. I personally prefer the earthier, warmer greens and those that look like they’ve had a large dollop of grey or brown added to them, but there are plenty of light, cool, pastel or delicate greens too. 

Green tiles - a new adventure

Although green is a regular in our rooms, it’s usually in the form of green wall paint, green fabric and green accessories (often painted green using tester pots of paint after rustling up vases and ornaments from shopping my home). I realised that although I’ve tiled plenty of times (most recently, was a mosaic, marble-style floor in our porch that I still need to share some pictures of and prior to that was the marble tile offcuts that I repurposed into a marble side table) I’ve never used green tiles, and that’s a wrong I plan to right! 

With a potential DIY project in mind, I set about researching green tiles and wow, was I not disappointed. The selection of beautiful green tiles at your fingertips is impressive and more impressive, you don’t need any eye-watering budget to take advantage of them (phew!).

See below for some of the jewels I unearthed…

sage green arched tiles
Image credit: Porcelain Superstore (Newlyn Sage Wall Tiles)
Petite Porcelain Green Gloss Ca' Pietra
Image credit:Ca' Pietra (Petite Porcelain Green Gloss)
Little Italy Green Baked Tile Co.
Image credit: Baked Tile Co. (Little Italy Green)
Osby Green Patterned Porcelain Tiles Walls and Floors
Image credit: Walls and Floors (Osby Green Patterned Porcelain)

Capsule Victorian Green Tiles Walls and Floors
Image credit: Walls and Floors (Capsule Victorian Green Tiles)

Faith Green Gloss Wall & Floor Tiles Walls and Floors
Image credit: Walls and Floors (Faith Green Gloss)

Walls and Floors tiles
Image credit: Walls and Floors (Mizuki Fern Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles)
Arc Sea Green tile Decorum Tiles
Image credit: Decorum Tiles (Arc Sea Green tile)
Folk green tiles porcelain superstore
Image credit: Porcelain Superstore (Folk Green)
Original Style Mosaics Green Penny Round, With South Beach Collins
Image credit: Original Style (Green Penny round mosaics)
Fluted Emerald Decor Wall Tiles Porcelain Superstore
Image credit: Porcelain Superstore (Fluted Emerald Decor Wall Tiles)


How do I use green tiles as an accent?

To create a striking accent with green tiles, consider using them strategically in a specific area or as a focal point. Here are some ideas

1. Backsplash: 

Use green tiles as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom to add a pop of color without overwhelming the entire space. Using them in this way also keeps the price down because you don’t need to cover a huge space. Using fewer tiles means you can afford to pick your favourite potentially more expensive ones. 

2. Border: 

Integrate green tiles as a border. This draws attention without dominating. Borders were deemed a bit outdated for a while but they are definitely making a comeback so look out for them.

3. Decorative Inserts: 

Insert green tiles in a pattern or design within a larger expanse of a more neutral tile. This can be especially effective in areas like shower walls or floors and can create a sense of playfulness. 

I’m on a tight budget; where can I get cost-effective tiles?

There are loads of high street and online retailers offering a wide range of cost-effective (but still stylish) tiles. B&Q, Wickes, and Topps Tiles are good examples and Tile Warehouse and Porcelain Superstore are another couple. Another tip is to keep an eye on sales, promotions, or clearance events to get the best deals. You can often pick up good value tiles on places like Facebook marketplace or eBay, where people sell their leftovers, which are ideal for smaller projects like backsplashes and borders.  

Where can I use green tiles in my interiors?

Tiles are versatile and can be used in most rooms in a home. Tiles are often used in kitchens (think backsplash, floor, pantry or even breakfast bars, bathrooms, and entryways due to their durability and ease of cleaning. Additionally, tiles can work well in high-traffic areas like hallways and mudrooms. Tiled floors can work in living rooms or dining areas for a sleek and low-maintenance flooring option, but it will depend on your lifestyle and preferences as to whether that’s a good idea.

Can I fit tiles myself as a novice DIYer?

For ceramic or porcelain tiles, a manual tile cutter usually does the job for DIY projects. These cutters score the tile's surface and then snap it along the scored line. For more intricate cuts or natural stone tiles, a wet saw might be necessary, but these are more expensive and take a bit of practice. You’ll want to invest in eye protection as cutting tiles can create shards which fly through the air.

What colour goes well with green tiles?

So many colours go with green tiles and choosing the right one(s) depends on a few factors like your interior style, the energy and emotions you want to feel in the space and the other materials you are pairing with. For example, pairing with light pink can lift the green and create a playful feel. For an energetic colour palette with green tiles, you can pair them with vibrant and contrasting colours. Consider using bold, warm tones like mustard yellow, fiery orange, or lively coral. 

Neutral tones like beige or white can work well with green tiles, creating a balanced and calming feel. Earthy tones such as browns or natural wood accents can also enhance the overall aesthetic. Consider incorporating muted blues or greys for a cohesive and soothing colour palette. 

Are green tiles trendy?

I don’t recommend buying something as permanent as tiles just because they are trendy, unless of course, the trend happens to coincide with one of your favourite things or really resonates with you. Ask yourself, will I still love this when other people deem it ‘not trendy’? And only proceed if the answer is yes. Better to opt for timeless or classic tile choices that will stand the test of time because they are expensive so you don’t want to replace them in a hurry.  

What colour grout should I use with green tiles?

This depends on the effect you want to create with the grout and the shade of green your tiles are. If you have dark green tiles then a dark grey or black grout will create a cohesive look across the surface, but if you use light grout (perhaps white or light grey) this will make the shape of the tiles stand out more.

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