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Grout Reviver - a 1-hour DIY to breathe new life into your tile grout

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Product review of Unibond grout reviver

Grout reviver tube

Grout Reviver is a great way to give your bathroom a lift and get it looking like new again without having to reach for a single tool. In this post, we are going to look at Unibond grout reviver as this just happened to be the one I picked up and tested. You could also use this to revive kitchen tile grout, I just happened to test it on my bathroom tiles. I'm not in any way affiliated with Unibond and I always share the whole story (the good, the bad and the ugly!) so you know you are getting an honest review. I'll post links to some of my other product reviews at the end of this post in case they are useful.

Bathrooms get a lot of use and even with a regular cleaning routine, tile grout can start to look tired and past its best. There are various options to consider at this point, try a really good scrub to make sure the discolouration isn't just dirt, then there are grout pens (I hate these as I find them fiddly and they always seem to take ages) or, in serious cases, you could rake the grout out and start again (this is a bit of a faff and you have to be careful not to damage the tiles so I'd only recommend this if the grout is actually damaged rather than just looking a bit discoloured).

How to use grout reviver to get your grout looking fresh and new again

The instructions on the grout reviver tube were pretty comprehensive, but I've added a few additional points below that will help ensure the best adhesion and the longest results. For videos of the steps, pop over and view my Instagram reel about grout reviver.

1. Clean the surface

As with most DIY and decorating, the key to success is in the surface preparation. When it comes to grout reviver, you need a super clean surface to ensure the product properly adheres. Remove any grease and grime and then dry the surface ready for the grout reviver.

2. Squeeze & shake tube

grout reviver

Before you start the application, it’s important to mix the contents of the grout reviver tube so give it a good squeeze & shake before you remove the lid.

3. Apply grout reviver

Grout reviver being applied

The application process is really easy as there is a sponge on the end of the tube which collects the product so it doesn’t shoot out all over the place. Start with the tube applicator at the top of the tile grout, squeeze the tube gently until the product begins to cover the old grout and sweep down in a straight line until a whole line has been covered. Repeat this process over all the grubby grout lines.

4. Remove excess

Wipe excess grout reviver off

Wait for 60 minutes then wipe off any excess grout reviver from the tiles with a damp cloth.

5. Allow to fully dry

Once the excess has been wiped off, leave the grout reviver to fully dry.  

Did the grout reviver work?

Yes, I found grout reviver to be really effective. I transformed the tired and grubby-looking bathroom tile grout that was clean but past its best because it was a few years old. See below for a before and after...

Is the grout reviver better than grout pens?

Yes, I much prefer using grout reviver to freshen up tile grout than grout pens for the following reasons...

  • Grout pens can be tricky to use as the liquid can dry up and then come rushing out at once.

  • Grout pens take a while to apply when you have a lot of grout to cover, whereas grout reviver is much quicker as the sponge on the end of the applicator is much larger than the surface area of the little pens.

  • Grout reviver is easier to apply as doesn't require a lot of effort, with a squeeze of the tube the reviver will collect easily in the sponge and cover the grout lines.

How much does grout reviver cost?

See below for a price breakdown. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

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