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Ronseal decking cleaner and reviver an honest review

Updated: May 16

How to clean a deck with Ronseal decking cleaner and what you need to know

decking cleaning with ronseal decking cleaner

Cleaning the decking is a task that I don't do often enough and one that always produces such good results that I kick myself for not doing it more regularly. Over the years, I've tried several different methods of decking cleaning, so I thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts about each of them with some top tips and even a money-saving hack too. 

People will often tell you that you need to use a specialist decking cleaning product for wooden decking, and Ronseal decking cleaner is one of the most well-known and readily available products. The first time I ever cleaned the deck I was sure to load up with the Ronseal deck cleaner as I was worried that I'd do a substandard job without it so here's my honest review in case you're considering giving it a go. 

What is Ronseal decking cleaner?

The exact product I used was the ready-to-use Ronseal decking cleaner and Reviver. I bought it from B&Q, and it cost £12.50 for 5l, which should cover an area of 25 metres squared. 

Ronseal made the following claims about the product, which all sounded perfect for the job I was about to tackle;

  • Brings your wood back to its natural appearance

  • Cleans and revives weathered decking in minutes

  • Can act as a general cleaner to brighten decking

  • Removes mould and algae

  • Fast acting – you don’t have to wait to start cleaning

  • Suitable for all types of decking

How to apply Ronseal decking cleaner and reviver

I followed Ronseal's advice on how to apply the decking cleaner, summarised below in case it's useful... 

You will need

tools for cleaning a deck with ronseal decking cleaner

Stiff broom or deck scrubbing brush

Bucket of clean water

Soft-bristled brush

Leaf blower (optional)

Sheeting to protect any grass or plants adjacent to the deck

Prep the deck...

Algae on decking
  • Prepare the deck by clearing furniture and clutter.

  • Use a stiff brush to give the deck a good sweep and clean away debris, moss, mould, and algae from the decking boards.

  • A soft-bristled brush is handy for getting dirt and debris from in the grooves on the decking surface and a leaf blower can be useful here too. 

  • Shield surrounding plants or grass with a dust sheet to prevent any damage.

  • Before proceeding, test the Decking Cleaner & Reviver on a small area. 

Apply the Ronseal decking cleaner and reviver

Cleaning decking with ronseal decking cleaner

  1. Pour the solution onto the deck's surface

  2. Using a stiff brush scrub the surface.

  3. Leave the decking cleaner to do its magic for 15-20 minutes.

  4. Working from one end of a decking board to the other, use a pressure washer to rinse the cleaner off, taking the dirt with it. 

  5. Ronseal advises, "If you don’t have a pressure washer, scrub the surface with a stiff brush and hose it down."

  6. Take care to get all the product off the decking surface.

  7. Dry thoroughly.

​The results...

decking cleaned with ronseal decking cleaner

Overall, I was really pleased with the results. The decking was dull, dirty and slippery before I started the thorough cleaning process and it came up beautifully. Ronseal decking cleaner worked on particularly problematic dirt and stains and, combined with the deck brush and pressure washer, really did revive the deck surface. The pressure washer was essential to the good results and saved so much time and effort compared to simply scrubbing with a brush. It definitely does what it says on the tin and the Ronseal marketing slogan goes.

The benefits of using Ronseal decking cleaner

karcher pressure washer cleaning decking
  • Ronseal Decking Cleaner is suitable for wooden decking, composite, or a combination of materials. 

  • Using Ronseal Decking Cleaner is a breeze. Simply apply it to the surface of the deck using a garden hose or a power washer on the lowest setting. For stubborn stains, a stiff-bristled brush can be used to agitate the cleaner and loosen dirt.

  • One of the standout features of Ronseal Decking Cleaner is its ability to tackle even the toughest stains. Whether you’re dealing with oil stains, rust stains, or bird droppings, this cleaner gets the job done. For particularly stubborn stains, oxalic acid or white vinegar can be added to the cleaning solution for an extra boost.

  • Ronseal Decking Cleaner is safe for use on all types of decking, including composite material and timber decking. It’s also safe for use around plants and pets, making it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces.

After using Ronseal Decking Cleaner, you’ll be pleased with the results. Not only does it leave your deck looking clean and refreshed, but it also helps to prolong its life by removing dirt and debris that can cause damage over time. With regular cleaning using Ronseal Decking Cleaner, you can keep your deck in tip-top shape for years to come.

However, there were some downsides to this product that it would be remiss of me not to mention. See below for details...

The downsides of using Ronseal decking cleaner

  • Ronseal decking cleaner and reviver is an expensive solution making the deck cleaning process costly before you buy an oil or stain for afterwards. 

  • Ronseal decking cleaner contains some unpleasant chemicals which end up being washed down the drain or into your garden. The manufacturer guidelines state to protect any adjacent plants and to ensure that neat solution isn't washed down the drain but even a diluted version is unnecessary chemicals when you consider the eco-friendly options that are available. 

  • You still need to put a fair amount of elbow grease into cleaning your deck with this product if you want to get the revived look. Don't expect instant or magic results after soaking alone. 

Tips for the best results with Ronseal Decking Cleaner and Reviver

  • Be sure to remove all surface debris before you apply the cleaner, otherwise you'll be scrubbing it into the deck's surface.

  • For the best results, invest in a pressure washer if you don't already have one. 

  • Don't hold the pressure washer nozzle too close to the decking as it can cause it to splinter and cause permanent damage, use a decking brush attachment if you can as they are brilliant. 

  • Scrub in the direction of the grain and work from one end of the individual decking boards to the other. 

  • Once the decking is clean, apply a stain or an oil to protect it and get it looking its best. Read my tutorial on how to apply decking oil for info. 

decking cleaned with ronseal decking cleaner

Keeping your outdoor space pristine can be a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining your wood decking. Over time, dirt, grime, and stubborn stains can accumulate, leaving your deck looking worse for wear. As we saw in my recent post about summer garden prep tips, pressure-washing decking and applying decking products is a good idea and a great way to make a big impact on your outdoor space.

Clean decking following the above steps to get your entire deck singing and consider using Ronseal Decking cleaner and reviver if you want to get your outdoor area looking fab. 

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