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Easter decor ideas: Tips for Easter home styling

Updated: Mar 13

From Easter trees to flower clouds here's the lowdown on Easter home styling and lots of Easter decor ideas for 2023

Easter tablescape with Easter cake on a cake stand and white ceramic bunny ornaments

If you're looking for Easter decor ideas, you're in the right place. A few years ago, the suggestion of decorating your home for Easter might have raised a few eyebrows, but not anymore. Brits these days are keen to get involved in all the Easter decor fun and here are some fun Easter decor ideas you might like to try...

1. Easter Trees for Easter home styling

Easter trees have very few rules and have variations to suit every aesthetic, whether your vibe is minimalist, maximalist, modern or traditional.

In essence, you need some branches to adorn with Easter-themed ornaments, these can be real branches or twigs or faux.

Wondering where to start? I’m a huge fan of foraging for foliage to style with. As well as the obvious health (physical and mental) benefits of getting out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, foraging also gives you access to a wider variety of species.

Here are some 2023 interior trends and how you could draw on them in your Easter decor ideas.


Ditch the plastic in favour of natural materials, ideally repurposed or preloved. Adapting seasonal decorations you already own for Easter home styling works well or perhaps buy something you will use for many years to come.

Pretty pastels

This trend lends itself well to Easter. Think pale pinks, yellows, greens and blues. Tree decorations are perfect in pastel, but why stop there when you can pastel up the tree itself, using spray paint!

Viva Magenta

Viva magenta is 2023’s Pantone Colour of the Year and that’s a great reason to weave it into your Easter home styling colour palette. Many real and faux flowers rock the Viva Magenta hue, so why not create a floral-themed Easter tree? Alternatively, you could paint Easter tree decorations in this vibrant shade. If these ideas are a little too bold, perhaps give a nod to the theme with a delicate ribbon tied around the Easter tree’s base or use it to hang the ornaments.


Biophilia has been popping up in interior schemes for a while now and there’s no better time to bring the outdoors in than Easter when every tree, plant and flower is leaping back to life. Although a single Easter tree alone will not improve your health and well-being (the benefit of a fully-considered biophilic designed space), it can certainly lift your mood. Increase the biophilic credentials by incorporating naturally occurring patterns from nature, perhaps on the vase or jug if your Easter tree has one, using natural materials, include an element of water and only use foliage or flowers that naturally inhabit your local area.


Think calming & understated in your Easter home styling; the boldest hue might come from the tree branches rather than the ornaments. Easter is the perfect time to indulge in warmer neutrals like caramels, taupes and toasted almonds. Wooden ornaments could be sourced in neutral tones or painted to fit your neutral interior scheme.

2. Flower clouds for Easter home styling

A flower cloud over-table installation over a wooden table

I'm a huge fan of flower clouds for over-table installations, because they are surprisingly easy to construct, make a huge impact once complete and don't take up precious table space. This set-up works especially well for an Easter celebration lunch, because no-one wants to sacrifice items from a roast with all the trimmings to make way for table decs now, do they?!

Flowers clouds can be made from real or faux flowers and foliage, or a combination of both as I tend to opt for as this keeps costs down by recycling faux stems each time, but allows you to create a fresh look with some pops of seasonal colour as well. Supermarket flowers are cost-effective and last a while, especially if you use individual flower stem holders as a water source, available on Amazon here (aff link)

Individual flower tubes for flower arrangements

If a flower cloud is on your list of Easter decor ideas, but you aren't quite sure where to start, I'd recommend using a scrunched up piece of chicken wire as a base. Suspend the chicken wire from the ceiling using two ceiling-mounted hooks (check you use the correct fixings for the ceiling material). I recommend using clear thread so you can't see it from a distance as this creates the floating effect. I use one from Amazon as I bought a huge roll years ago and it lasts and lasts.

3. Painted eggs for Easter home styling

Does anything say Easter better than an array of painted eggs? A childhood craft project for many, but painted eggs can be a stylish addition to your Easter home decor. If real eggs are hard to come by or more expensive than usual due to the cost-of-living crisis, you could opt for wooden eggs instead which are easy to pick up from your local craft store.

Once painted, the eggs can adorn an Easter tree, fill an Easter basket, or even be displayed in a pretty bowl on a kitchen worktop for an understated nod to Easter home styling.

4. Spring flowers for simple Easter home styling

Yellow daffodils

Spring flowers are a great way to lift a room with a pop of colour and a reminder of the positivity and hope associated with this time of year. One of the simplest Easter decor ideas, fresh cut flowers require little effort or preparation. You can pick up a bunch of daffodils at the supermarket then simply pop them in a jug or vase et voila!

5. Make some Easter bunting

Bunting is a versatile decoration that tops the list of easy to make Easter decor ideas. You can use paper, card or material to make bunting for your Easter home styling. Using mis-matched material scraps creates a vintage, shabby chic vibe, whereas pastel coloured or spotty triangles creates a cute and child-friendly look.

Fold the triangle tops over your chosen string (this could be actual string or a thin piece of folded material) and secure with fabric glue or thread and needle. Once complete, hang your Easter bunting across your chosen room or over you Easter table.

Floral ice balls

6. Floral ice balls

I've written a tutorial for how to make floral ice balls which would be perfect for Easter decor especially if you opted for spring flowers. Frozen daffodil ice balls would look amazing!

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