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Pale blue living room inspiration: 8 ideas to steal

Updated: Jun 11

pale blue living room interior trend 2024
Image via Ligne Roset

The pale blue living room interior trend is popular due to its calming and versatile nature, reflecting a growing desire for tranquil and serene home environments. Blue and pale blue, especially, evokes a sense of peace and relaxation, making it ideal for creating a cozy retreat within the home. 

Additionally, pale blue is a neutral backdrop, perfect for a wide range of accent colours and décor styles, from minimalist Scandinavian designs to more eclectic bohemian interiors. A pale blue living room offers versatility, allowing you to introduce textures and patterns and giving you the flexibility to personalize your space. 

How to create a pale blue living room of dreams

Because everyone has a different budget, interior style, home setting etc I’m going to cover a variety of ways to embrace the pale blue living room trend, from a few pale blue accents in a living room to a full colour-drench, hopeful there’ll be something that appeals to you along the way. Let’s get started…

1. Invest in a pale blue sofa

pale blue sofa
Image via Loaf

To date, blue sofas haven't saturated social media in quite the same way as green ones are; you can barely scroll on Instagram lately without coming across an influencer showcasing their green sofa. The good news is that despite pale blue sofas being less ubiquitous, there is still a good variety available to buy now. There is also a wide variety of shapes, styles and, frankly, quality, which is great news if you want a quick, cost-effective sofa . Dunelm have lots of good value blue sofas that are worth checking out.

Buying a blue sofa allows you to embrace the pale blue living room trend without fully submerging yourself and your room in pale blue paint - ideal if your lighting and position don’t necessarily work with that scenario or you just don’t fancy a DIY room makeover. A well-styled, attractive sofa can bring a room to life, so be sure to brush up on your sofa styling tips. Don’t panic if a new sofa is out of your price range, as I’ve got lots of less expensive ways to embrace this trend coming up - for now, have a look at my top tips for refreshing a tired sofa instead and perhaps buy a pale blue throw.!

2. Colour drench your pale blue living room

Colour drenching is a painting term describes the process of covering a room from top to bottom in the same paint colour, everything from the ceiling, woodwork, walls, and radiators are all painted in the same shade (albeit in different types of paint as you can’t slap standard matt emulsion on your rads and woodwork and expect it to stay put for all that long!).

Colour drenching is a great tool for a DIYer’s armoury and can be used to transform their rooms entirely without spending a fortune. You can save even more money on a painting project by buying your paint from my favourites, the Decorating Centre Online which offers the best colour-matching service I’ve ever tried. In the past, I’ve tried the Homebase colour matching (terrible) and the Valspar service (can be hit and miss). But the DCO’s colour matching is always spot on. 

Below are some pale blue paint shade suggestions for your living room colour drench projects, click the individual images to visit the F&B website and check them out.

3. Install some pale blue wall panelling

Wall panelling can be achieved in so many ways, each appealing to different interior styles, budgets and DIY abilities (I’ve written a step-by-step for the beadboard tongue & groove method and the fluted MDF panel type), and you can opt to buy the raw materials and make it from scratch, or these days, there are convenient kits that contain everything you need that you can buy from DIY stores.

Spring is such a great time to consider pale blue living room ideas because it’s such a calm and reassuring colour due to its ties to well-being and nature.

4. Add pale blue soft furnishings

Adding pale blue soft furnishings is a non-committal way of adopting some pale blue living room ideas. This strategy is ideal if you live in rented accommodation and need some rental-friendly home styling ideas.

Cushions, blankets, sofa throws, chair covers, curtains and blinds are all great ways to add some pale blue to your living room. A top home styling tip is to combine a variety of shades of pale blue and introduce a pattern to two, as this will all add depth and interest to the overall look.   

5. Buy a pale blue living room rug

Rugs are the perfect way to positively impact a room with little effort and no DIY if that’s not your (tool)bag! You can get huge, expansive rugs that fill the floor space and create a welcoming and cosy living room. If you live in an open-plan home then a giant rug is a great way of defining/zoning the living room space.

You can often pick up preloved rugs on second hand marketplaces (eg Facebook Marketplace and eBay) or another money-saving decor tip is to buy a large offcut of carpet and use it as a rug. You can get the edges sewn (whipped) professionally or there are carpet binding strips available from places like Amazon for an even more cost-effective DIY solution.

6. Add some pale blue accents and accessories

Introducing accents to a room involves incorporating subtle touches of pale blue rather than opting for a full wall repaint. These accents could range from simple additions like pale blue candlesticks on your mantlepiece or pale blue vases on your shelves to more hands-on approaches like DIY painting of the skirting and architrave in the room with a pale blue hue. Regardless of the method chosen, the result is a subtle nod to the prevailing pale blue living room trend without significant time or financial investment. You may discover a newfound fondness for these accents, prompting you to consider bolder moves like committing to a whole wall or even an entire colour overhaul. Yet, the beauty of experimenting with home decor lies in its flexibility—it's entirely your choice and can easily be reversed.

7. Pale blue wallpaper

blue patterned wallpaper design
Image via Beautiful Walls

It would be an oversight not to mention pale blue wallpaper in a list of pale blue living room ideas for two reasons: firstly, wallpaper is hot right now and secondly, it’s such a great way of adding color and pattern to a room.

 Wallpaper is super versatile, too, so you don’t need to go all out and cover every surface to make a style statement; you could introduce wallpaper in panelled sections on the wall or add to the space behind some shelves for a 1-hour shelf update.

8. Opt for pale blue art

Art is a personal choice, and each piece you select should resonate and be meaningful in some way (even if that meaning is to make you laugh or remind you of something - it doesn't have to be deep and meaningful - just not totally generic).

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